St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

The first St. Patrick's Day celebration in North America was held in Boston in 1737, in honor of the Christian Missionary and Irish Apostle of the same name. Today, St. Patrick's Day parades and celebrations are held in many cities around the world on March 17th; it's not uncommon for buildings, streets, and even entire bodies of water to be decked out in green for the occasion!

The holiday isn't exclusive to those that have Irish ancestry either. "Everyone is a little Irish on Saint Patrick's Day” is a common saying, and people of all backgrounds can get into the festive spirit, if not only to avoid getting pinched for forgetting to wear green.

Whether you're planning an icebreaker for your St. Patrick's Day party activity, creating a game to be played among the crowds at the parade, or looking to add a competitive twist to a pub crawl event, these GooseChase missions are a great place to start for brainstorming St. Patrick's Day themed scavenger hunt ideas for adults.

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St. Patrick's Day GooseChase Mission Ideas

  • National Kit - Take a photo with somebody wearing a Team Ireland soccer (football) or rugby jersey.
  • Fancy Socks - Take a photo with somebody wearing some festive St. Patrick’s Day stockings.
  • Top o’ the morning’ to you! - Find as many leprechaun hats as you can and take a photo of your team members or strangers wearing them. Bonus points for each hat.
  • Color Me Irish - Paint a team member’s face in St. Patrick’s Day colors and take a photo.
  • End of the Rainbow - Take a video of a team member being showered in gold coins, chocolate counterfeit coins allowed.
  • It’s Not Luck - Take a photo with somebody sporting Boston Celtics team apparel.
  • Hot Potato - There’s no doubt that potatoes are an ingredient found in a wide variety of Irish dishes. Take a photo of your team sharing any spud-based food dish. Bonus points if it’s not french fries.
  • Proper Public House - Is it true that there’s an Irish pub just around the corner in every city? Take a photo of your team outside one.
  • Gaelic Attire - The Scottish aren't the only ones who wore kilts. Take a photo of a team member or a stranger wearing this traditional garment. Improvisation allowed!
  • But are you really? - Take a photo of a team member kissing a stranger who is wearing a “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirt.
  • Tappa, Tappa, Tappa - Take a video of your team tapping their own Riverdance; it works best with the right music playing in the background!
  • Irish Literature - Go to a book store or library and take photos of your team members reading books written by James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Oliver Goldsmith, George Bernard Shaw, or Samuel Beckett.
  • Irish Rock Jams - Take a video of your team air-band covering a song by U2, Dropkick Murphys, or The Cranberries.
  • Lucky the Leprechaun - Take a photo of your team with a box of Lucky Charms cereal.
  • Boyle's Law - Irish Scientist Robert Boyle was famous for his law dictating the relationship between pressure and volume of a gas. Take a video of a team member popping a green balloon as a tribute to his work.

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