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Goosechase Reviews 2023: For Non-profits

Discover why Goosechase is the preferred Interactive Experience Platform for non-profits, municipality groups, cultural attractions, and museums. Read reviews from participants in 2023.

Looking for a fun, easy, flexible tech solution to engage your non-profit's community? Check out this collection of Goosechase reviews from real-life participants to help guide the way!

What is Goosechase?
At Goosechase, experience is everything. Originally inspired by scavenger hunts, Goosechase is an online platform that enables organizations and schools to engage, activate, and educate their communities through delightful interactive experiences. Sign up and try creating a free recreational Experience, or check out our Pricing!

Reviews from Goosechase Participants (2023):

Wonderful experience. Loved the challenges (of) each Mission. I am thinking of so many opportunities to use this app!!
- P., Participant at National Library Week 2023, United States
So well planned and written out. Had a blast completing this event. Need more events like this.
- C., Participant at Jeep Beach 2023, United States
Thank you. I have enjoyed our South Carolina state parks with Goosechase immensely. The events of Christmas came alive with so many exciting activities. The trails were great with exercising and geocaching too...People came alive, got off the sofa, and enjoyed the great out doors. Meeting the park Rangers became a lesson, learning what each park had to offer. We grabbed a book, and are hopeful of stamping 47 or more state parks pages with our new park pass...
- A.M., Goosechase participant, United States
Love this platform for engaging with family, friends and co workers! Great app! Tons of fun.. easy to use.
- B., Goosechase participant, United States
Absolutely fun. We were looking for a mural and couldn’t find it so we had people hunting with us. So fun. Then they joined the chase.
- F., Goosechase participant, United States
I had a great time seeing what people came up with hopefully we can do this again.
- C., Goosechase participant, United States
This app was easy to use and the zombie apocalypse scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. We did it with a family of 4. Would have been easier with more people but we did it!
- E., Goosechase participant, United States
What a fun way to get outside and enjoy nature PLUS learn about the world around us.
- O., Goosechase participant, United States
We really had so much fun and the app was so easy to use!
- V., Goosechase participant, Canada
What a great way to better understand our community while building relationships within our team!!! Highly recommend!!
- L., Goosechase participant, United States
Fun App! We used this app for a city wide scavenger hunt. Made winter a little more tolerable.
- S., Goosechase participant, United States
Very easy to download and use.
- T.P.A., Goosechase participant, Canada
Well designed and easy to use.
- L.B., Goosechase participant, United States
Super fun and easy to use!
- P.D., Goosechase participant, United States
Excellent way to keep track of submissions.
- C.G., Goosechase participant, United States