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26 Goosechase Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Ideas Apr 1, 2024

As the team behind Goosechase, we've seen a lot of scavenger hunt Mission ideas. Some great, some poor, and most somewhere in between.

This blog post was originally published on October 6, 2015, and updated with the help of AI on April 1, 2024. Thanks for reading!

After several years of data, there's several scavenger hunt Mission ideas from our Mission bank that have separated themselves from the crowd. These get used a disproportional amount and are guaranteed to take your event to the next level.

If you're already using Goosechase to run your scavenger hunt, all of these Missions and more are available from the Mission Bank tab in the Experience Manager when you log-in. Still planning your scavenger hunt on paper? Click here to find out about how easy it is to plan your next event on the Goosechase platform!

The List of Most Popular Goosechase Scavenger Hunt Ideas

1. Brilliant! [400 pts]
Snap a shot of a teammate standing under a lightbulb as if coming up with a brilliant idea.

2.Photoshoot [400 pts]
Take a picture of a stranger taking a picture of you.

3. Hang Em' High [400 pts]
Take a photo with all team members high-fiving strangers simultaneously.

4. Back in Black [400 pts]
Find two black cars side by side.

5. What a Year [400 pts]
Obtain a coin of any denomination from 1999.

6. Piggy Back? [400 pts]
Have a stranger give a teammate a piggy back ride.

7. 40 Years Strong [400 pts]
Find a couple that has been married for 40+ years.  Snap a pic of them kissing.

8. Copper Column [400 pts]
Make a tower of pennies at least 30 high. Team member must be in picture.

9. Yarrr Pirates [400 pts]
Construct and wear a pirate hat made of newspaper.

10. Safety First [400 pts]
Snap a picture of a team member wearing at least 3 items of personal protective equipment.

11. Doppleganger [500 pts]
Find a stranger who looks just like a team member. 500 bonus points to the greatest likeness.

12. Personification [500 pts]
Find a street sign that personifies a team member.

13. Parkour [400 pts]
Show off your parkour skills by jumping over an object in style.

14. History 101 [400 pts]
Locate a historical monument.  Take a photo re-enacting a moment in history with this monument.

15. Jugglin' [500 pts]
Find a stranger who can juggle 3+ objects.  Snap them in action.

16. Murder Mystery [500 pts]
Create a human chalk outline on the sidewalk of a public place.

17. Definition Please? [400 pts]
Find the definition of scavenger hunt in a dictionary.

18. Beautiful Mind [400 pts]
Prove a well-known mathematical theorem on a chalkboard or window.

19. Please Mom? [400 pts]
Take a turn on a coin operated children's ride.

20. Well Connected [400 pts]
Collect at least 10 unique business cards. Photo with at least one team member.

21. Twice is Nice [1000 pts]
Find and photograph twins. Twins must not be or be related to team members.

22. You've Got Balls [400 pts]
Find at least 5 different types of sports balls. Photograph them all in one picture.

23. Thumb War [600 pts]
Have a thumb war with a cop.

24. Sold! [400 pts]
Find a sold sign on a property.  Must be a legitimate sign.

25. Small World [400 pts]
Ideas and news comes from around the world. Find a newspaper from another country.

26. Egypt Here We Come [600 pts]
Construct the largest human pyramid you possibly can. Must be at least 3 levels.

Be sure to also check out our archive of all scavenger hunt idea blog posts or our Edu Game Library for educational ideas geared toward the classroom.

Q: How can organizers ensure the scavenger hunt ideas are inclusive and accessible to participants with diverse abilities and backgrounds?

A: To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, organizers should consider a variety of tasks that accommodate different physical abilities and interests. This might involve offering alternative options for physically demanding tasks and ensuring locations are accessible. Incorporating digital elements can also help, allowing those who might not be able to physically participate to join in. It's important to solicit feedback during the planning stages to identify potential barriers and address them beforehand.

Q:What are some effective strategies for integrating educational or learning objectives into these scavenger hunt ideas, particularly for corporate training or classroom settings?

A: Integrating educational objectives into a scavenger hunt can be achieved by tailoring challenges to include problem-solving tasks, quizzes, or puzzles related to the learning material. For corporate training, scenarios that simulate real-world challenges employees might face can be included. In classroom settings, tasks can be designed to reinforce curriculum content, encouraging learners to apply knowledge in practical situations. Engaging participants in reflective discussions post-hunt can deepen the learning experience.

Q: Can these scavenger hunt ideas be tailored to different themes, such as sustainability or local history, and if so, how might that be approached?

A: Tailoring scavenger hunt ideas to themes like sustainability or local history involves integrating tasks that encourage exploration and learning about the chosen theme. For sustainability, challenges might include finding examples of sustainable practices in the community or completing tasks that contribute to environmental conservation. For local history, participants could be tasked with discovering historical landmarks or answering trivia about the area's past. This approach not only makes the scavenger hunt more engaging, but also educates participants on important topics.

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