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Top 9 Retro Employee Training Videos

Employee Onboarding Feb 8, 2023

It’s 1988, you’ve just landed your first job. You arrive on day one in an outfit your mom says makes you look like an extra from Working Girl. (Sick, mom! That’s exactly the look you’re going for!) You give your new boss a firm handshake, get escorted to the staff room, and settle in for a day of training.

But it’s not on the job training, co-worker shadowing, or a tour of the facilities you have to look forward to. That’s archaic! It’s the 80s. Your boss wheels out the TV stand and you know you’re about to experience the peak of modern learning and development - the employee training video.

Check out some of our favorite retro employee training videos…

1. Pizza Hut: Making Pizza

They’re not just making pizzas, they’re creating an experience. (Did Pizza Hut steal our line?)

2. Wendy’s Cold Drinks

This song definitely would’ve made it to my Spotify Wrapped 1988!

3. Crystal Pepsi

“Our success is based on knowing what our customers need” …should someone warn them?

4. Nintendo Customer Service

Great, now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day!

5. Chuck E. Cheese University

Let the enterTRAINment begin!

6. McDonald’s “Clean it”

When you can’t afford Michael Jackson…or even Weird Al, I guess?!

7. Cedar Point: Fun & Safety

For a video that talks about fun a lot, it really isn’t any fun.

8. How to sell the new Betamax

A video that teaches you to play a video for your customers. How meta!

9. Hyatt Guest Services

Not gonna lie, this video makes me want to stay at a Hyatt. Have you ever seen so many friendly encounters in a hallway?!

Illustrated GIF of a goose appearing on screen in retro tv with vhs player

Employee training has changed a lot since the 1980s: from training videos, classroom training, individualized instruction, e-learning, to learning management systems. Now, smart organizations are utilizing interactive experiential learning and gamification, where employees take part in self-guided interactive experiences that allow them to learn, get feedback, engage with other colleagues, and have fun!


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