Las Vegas at night

Unique Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Las Vegas, also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is just that. Entertaining. There are always a million things you can be doing at any given time and it can be overwhelming for tourists and locals alike. You can be the Las Vegas tour hero by hosting your own Goosechase and using our missions that will take you through the Strip and the lesser-known areas of Sin City. These missions will help you and your flock get to know Vegas on another level.

We’ve made a list of some super fun and unusual missions for this scavenger hunt split into categories: Attractions, Food, Art, and The Unusual!

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Bone to Pick (GPS) – Visit Bodies: The Exhibition and learn all about human anatomy up close and personal

The Bluff (PHOTO) – While casinos may come and go on the Strip, they live on forever at the Neon Museum. Visit the museum and choose your favorite old casino sign

Red Rum (GPS) – For the thrill-seekers out there, Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum might be the attraction for you. Check out the museum for Hollywood inspired spooky scenes

Pinhead (PHOTO) – The Pinball Hall of Fame is a gamer’s dream! Choose your favorite vintage game and play your heart out.

Bird’s Eye View (VIDEO) – Fly over the Strip on a zipline! Get a video zooming over the city on the Slotzilla zipline



Down & Dirty (PHOTO) – Visit Dirt Dog and order the Dirty Corn, a twist of Mexican street corn covered in HOT CHEETOS.

Sushimi Rollin’ (PHOTO) – Sushi is delicious in every form, but something about a sushi cupcake is extra sweet. Visit Jaburritos for the unusual delicacy!

Shrimply the Best (Text) – Shrimp Cocktail is a Vegas staple dating back to the 1950s, where casinos would charge insanely low prices to bring in gamblers. Find the cheapest shrimp cocktail on the strip and whoever finds the cheapest deal wins!

Grilled to See You (GPS) – Known for excess and over the top foods, you have to try the grilled cheese donut at Donut Bar

Edible Art (PHOTO) – A feast for the eyes and stomach, the Crystal Ball Sorbet at Favorite Bistro serves its decadent sorbet INSIDE of an ice sculpture. Order one for yourself or steal a pic of someone else’s



Colorful Desert (GPS) – Brand new to the area is the Seven Magic Mountains art installation. Visit this unique attraction and get some insta-worthy pics

Shark Bait (PHOTO) – Enjoy a Damien Hirst piece at the Palms Casino Resort featuring a giant tiger shark split into three and preserved in formaldehyde

Up in the Air (PHOTO) – Snap a pic of one of the favorite art installations in the area, the Big Rig Jig, a feat of engineering and creativity

Where’s Waldo (TEXT) – Check out the famous Snail Skull mural and find what is sticking out of the skull’s mouth

Degas in Vegas (TEXT) – The oldest art gallery in Las Vegas is named after what mythical creature? (Answer: Centaur)



I Do Crew (PHOTO) – Find a bachelorette party and get the bride-to-be to let you snap a pic wearing the veil!

Guilty as Charged (PHOTO) – Get your own personal mugshot taken at The Mob Museum

The Greatest Showman (VIDEO) – Get a video of a street performance that depicts magic or an illusion

Holy Matrimony (PHOTO) – Visit one of the many chapels and get a pic with a newly married couple

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (GPS) – Who knew being a millionaire was free? Visit Binion’s for a free photo op with a MILLION DOLLAR BILLS

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