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Top Chicago Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Chicago is best known as an international center for finance, architecture, jazz, deep-dish pizza. Resting on the shores of Lake Michigan, The Windy City contains numerous iconic landmarks that are visited by millions each year.

We've selected our top choices for our Chicago scavenger hunt list. These would be perfect additions for a group scavenger hunt, photo scavenger hunt, or urban adventure race.

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Chicago Goosechase Mission Ideas

  • Art Institute of Chicago - Recognizable by the two bronze lion statues guarding the Michigan Avenue entrance, the Art Institute of Chicago is houses works from the likes of Rembrandt, Manet, Renoir, and Van Gough in its permanent collection.

  • Chicago Theatre - The marquee entrance to the Chicago Theatre is recognizable from countless appearances in film and television. Check in and maybe consider staying for a show!

  • Cloud Gate - Of course, no Chicago scavenger hunt list would be complete without the inclusion of this iconic Anish Kapoor sculpture. Nicknamed The Bean for its visual appearance, it is located in Chicago's Millenium Park.

  • Museum of Science and Industry - Featuring a full-sized replica coal mine, a captured German submarine, and a 3500 square foot model railroad, this museum in Jackson Park dates back to the Chicago World's fair in 1893.

  • Navy Pier Ferris Wheel - Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is Chicago's most visited tourist attraction. Make your way to the new Ferris Wheel and check in!

  • Petrillo Music Shell - The home of the famous Chicago Jazz Festival and Lollapalooza, the Petrillo Music Shell rests in Grant Park behind the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • The Green Mill - The Green Mill is one of the centres of Chicago's Jazz scene. This uptown lounge has been around since before the Prohibition Era and was a popular hangout for Al Capone and many other notable gangsters.

  • The Second City Comedy Club - The Second City is one of the world's most influential comedy troupes in the world. Stars such as Bill Murray, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Stephen Colbert all have roots on this stage!

  • Willis (Sears) Tower - Chicago's 110-story skyscraper held the title of World's Tallest Building for nearly 25 years. More than a million people visit the observation deck every year.

  • Wrigley Field - Located on the north side of the city, Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs, and is famous for its ivy-covered outfield wall.

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