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Olympics Themed Scavenger Hunt Mission Ideas

Mission Ideas Jul 28, 2021

The 2020 Summer Olympics and 2022 Winter Olympics are a showcase of grit, talent, and gamesmanship in all their glory. We've got goosebumps!

This post was originally shared in July 2021 alongside the Summer Olympics, and has since been updated to include mention of and Missions for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Are you getting together for a viewing party with friends or hosting an Olympics-themed event for kids (or kids at heart)? Looking for fun team building activities for the office, whether in person or virtual? The pro athletes may be in Tokyo and Beijing, but some of the most competitive people you know are eager to score points of their own right here at home. Run a GooseChase for them!

GooseChase, the original scavenger hunt app, makes it a breeze to customize and automate the party games at your Olympics gathering or bring your virtual community closer with some friendly competition. To get your GooseChase off to a good start, we’ve put together a list of fun themed mission ideas you can use. The Games of centuries past consisted mainly of foot races, equestrian events, and discus throws - we’ve included none of those here (feel free to add them to yours, of course.) But, if you’ve ever wanted to form the Olympics rings Twister-style with 4 of your best friends, you’re in luck!



Ideas for Adults
Ideas for Kids
Ideas for In-person Events
Ideas for Virtual Events
Ideas for the Office
Ideas for Prizes

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Missions for Adults

  • Name that Nation: Can you name all the flags in this photo? No googling! (Text)
  • Sk8r Boi: This year’s games marks skateboarding’s inauguration into Olympic events. Have someone on your team nail a gnarly skateboarding trick on video. No equipment necessary - air boards allowed! (Photo/Video)
  • Train like a Champ: The dedication it takes to be a professional athlete is unreal. Try it on for size; do a 4AM wake-up and snap photographic evidence. Commit to the gold and don’t go back to bed! (Photo/Video)

Missions for Kids

  • Konnichiwa, Bonjour, Hello!: Learn to say “hello” in a new language! Take video proof to score points. (Video)
  • Athens, Geese: Trivia time! In what country did the games originate? (Text)
  • Make Your Own Mascot: Miraitowa and Someity are the official mascots of Tokyo 2020. Miraitowa means “Future” and “Eternity”, while Someity means “So Mighty”. Draw your own mascot/s and give them a meaningful name. (Photo/Video)

Missions for In-person Events

  • Opening Ceremony: Dress to impress and represent your chosen country by donning its national costume. Take a photo with a competing country for points. (Photo/Video)
  • Put a Ring on It: Find five people to recreate the Olympic Rings with their bodies Twister style! Bonus points for wearing the right colors (in the right order). Any flexible gymnasts want to volunteer? (Photo/Video)
  • Spectator Sport: Due to COVID-19 this year’s audience is limited to domestic fans, so we’ll need to cheer loud enough for our athletes to hear. Support your country by filming your heartiest, most patriotic chant. (Photo/Video)

Missions for Virtual Events

  • Ring Around: Recreate the iconic Olympic Rings using what you find around the house! Kids’ toys, kitchen tools, socks…it’s all fair game. (Photo/Video)
  • Eat like an Athlete: Close your eyes and point to the attached image. On which flag did your finger land? Whip up a snack inspired by this country and snap a photo! (Photo/Video)
  • Name Game: Spot an athlete who shares the same name as you - first, last, or even nickname. Considering the 11 thousand athletes participating in 339 games over 33 different sports and 16 days, you’re bound to find a name twin. Snap a selfie of you with their name on screen. (Photo/Video)

Missions for the Office Olympics

  • Go for the Gold: Gather as many gold items as you can find from around the office and take a photo - every push pin and paperclip counts! (Photo/Video)
  • Balance Beam: Snap a smiling selfie balancing as many books and folders as you can on your head. Tallest stack takes gold. (Photo/Video)
  • Peers at the Podium: Recreate the Olympic tri-level podium with at least two co-workers. Bonus points for makeshift medals and power poses! (Photo/Video)

Ideas for Prizes

In ancient times, winners were crowned with wreaths made of leaves from sacred olive trees near the temple of Zeus at Olympia - casual. While your scavenger hunt participants might appreciate gold, silver, or bronze medals (or sacred olive leaf crowns if you have them handy), here are some festive prizes that won’t break the bank:

  • Jars filled with gold, silver, and bronze-wrapped candy: think Reese’s cups, Hershey’s Kisses, and Twix bars. Be wary of nut allergies
  • Gift cards to a favorite sushi spot in celebration of the Tokyo games. Itadakimasu! (Let’s eat)
  • Personalized medals or trophies for each player - we are in full support of participation awards
  • A donation in the winner’s name to a youth sports group
  • Tickets to the local sports team’s next home game
  • Good old fashioned bragging rights
  • More prize ideas for adults HERE

As fun as a little friendly competition can be, getting your community to celebrate an epic event that has historically brought nations together should be at the heart of your festivities. The new Olympic motto says it best -

“Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together”
Plus vite, Plus haut, Plus fort – Ensemble
Citius, Altius, Fortius – Communiter

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