Introducing Player Profiles

Feature Releases May 23, 2018

For individual games, it's now possible to pre-create profiles for each of the individuals in your GooseChase game.

GooseChase has always allowed you to pre-create teams for your game, allowing your participants to choose a team when they join the game. But with our latest update, you can also pre-create “player profiles” for games in which participants are completing missions individually!

How it Works

Within the Game Manager, the organizer can pre-create the player profiles. To do so, enter your game and:

  1. Select Participants tab on the left hand side of the page.
  2. Under "Game Mode", choose “Individual Players”.
  3. In the "Pre-Create Player Profiles" section, click the “Create New” button.
  4. You can then add the player name, upload a picture, and/or create an access code for the participant.
  5. Select “Create”.
  6. Once successfully saved, your pre-created profile will appear as a new row in the "Pre-Create Player Profiles".


It is important to remember that if you assign an access code to a participant, that code should only be given to the individual participant who you want using that profile. From the perspective of the participant, when going to join your game, a list of the pre-created profiles will be visible to choose from.

GIF showing how a player enters an access code to join a GooseChase

If you choose not to pre-create any player profiles, each member joining the game will simply set their player name when they join. To keep things easy, we'll default this to be their GooseChase username.


  • In the classroom, teachers can pre-create the students’ profiles to allow joining the game easier.
  • Within the workplace, during employee onboarding, employers can create player profiles for new hires, allowing a smoother join process.

In addition to using player profiles, You can also join GooseChase games as a guest. Visit the GooseChase FAQ for even more resources to assist in organizing your game!


Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher