Participating Without a GooseChase Account

Feature Releases Jul 16, 2018

We've changed the flow for how participants join a GooseChase game! Participants are no longer required to have their own personal GooseChase account to play. Instead, participants can skip registering for an account (or logging in) and jump right into joining a game!

Previously, in order to participate in a GooseChase game, you were required to have a GooseChase account (which meant entering a username, password, and email address). With this update, this is no longer required. When launching the GooseChase app for the first time, participants are given the option to “Play as Guest”.

Screenshot of the Goosechase app

Participants can choose this option and proceed to search for a game to join.

A gif showing how to join a Goosechase as a guest

If a participant joins a game as a guest, it's just like they had a personal account, except they won't be able to access their game activity from other devices. Instead, their game activity will always remain available on the device they used and in the Game Manager (for the organizer). If a participant deletes the GooseChase app from their device, that particular participant will need to contact you (the game organizer) to retrieve their player profile/team access code.

As the organizer, you can still identify a participant's activity by their team or player name.

At anytime, a participant can migrate their activity to a full GooseChase account. This is a good idea if they're getting a new device or if they're participating in multiple GooseChase games!

Hopefully, by being able to skip the process of creating or logging into an existing account, this update will make the joining process much faster and easier.

Visit the GooseChase FAQ for more resources to assist in organizing your game. Have feedback on this update? We'd love to hear it! Mention us on Twitter or shoot an email to - your feedback can only help us improve!


Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher