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The Toolkit for Trailblazers: 8 Proven Tips for a Stellar Goosechase Experience

Planning Tips Feb 28, 2024

Let’s dive into the playbook of the Forest Preserve District of Will County and their groundbreaking "Take It Outside Challenge." This wasn’t just another event; it was a masterclass in engagement, innovation, and fun.

They crafted an Experience that captivated hundreds of participants, blazed trails on social media, and even sparked a line of merch. Whether you’re a seasoned event organizer or looking to kick off your first Goosechase adventure, these 8 tips and tricks straight from a successful creator will help you create a community initiative that’s memorable, engaging, and impactful.

8 Expert Tips for a Crowd-pleasing Goosechase Experience

1. Release Missions Gradually: Instead of releasing all Missions at once, their team opted to release them weekly. This approach kept participants engaged over a longer period and created anticipation for new challenges. It's a strategy that can keep users coming back and maintain interest in the experience. Ultimately, they ended up releasing around 500 Missions throughout the year.

2. Make Your Participants the Heroes: Sharing stories and testimonials, whether through social media or other channels, can be a powerful way to showcase the impact of your challenge and engage a wider audience. Keep an eye on submissions and use Goosechase’s direct message feature to ask participants if you can share their content and stories.

We noticed that there were two families with children — one with Down Syndrome and another with Angelman syndrome — doing all the challenges, so we reached out and did a story on them and how this was a great thing to get their kids outside the house and enjoying nature.
Chad Merda, the Digital Communications Manager at Forest Preserve District of Will County

3. Utilize Themed Missions: Incorporating seasonal or themed Missions can add variety and relevance to the user experience. They had Missions like finding a paw print in the snow, which were season-specific and available for a limited time.

4. Leverage Social Media and Web Traffic: Linking Missions to related content on your website can drive significant web traffic. Chad noted a spike in web traffic with the release of each Mission. Experiment with using Missions to ask folks to engage with your content or social media.

Some Missions included links to resources on the Forest Preserve District of Will County's website

5. Offer Diverse Challenges: Providing a mix of easy and challenging Missions can cater to a wide range of participants. It was important to us to have Missions of varying ability levels, and having Missions that could be done by virtually anyone regardless of their ability. That included some difficult Missions that didn’t necessarily require a lot of walking, but instead, an eagle eye, like the "needle in a haystack" challenges, can keep the experience exciting and rewarding. 

6. Encourage Community Among Participants: Chad's team observed that participants started forming communities, which added an extra layer of engagement. Facilitating such community interactions, perhaps through meet-and-greets or social media groups, can really bring your programming to new heights.

7. Monitor and Respond to Engagement Metrics: Using tools like Sprout Social, as Chad did, can help you track engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly. Monitoring social media interactions and user engagement metrics can provide insights into what works and what doesn't.

8. Explore Merchandising Opportunities: The successful launch of merchandise related to the Goosechase challenge was an unexpected benefit. Other creators can explore similar opportunities, turning their Experiences into a brand that participants can engage with beyond the Experience.

Thank you so much to Chad and his team for sharing their incredible insights!

Remember, the key to a successful Goosechase lies in understanding your audience, embracing flexibility, and keeping the fun factor front and center. So, armed with these eight golden tips, it's your turn to craft an Experience that leaves participants eager for more.

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