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Introducing the Goosechase Studio: Your Guide to Our Newest Updates!

Company Updates Jul 9, 2024

Hold onto your feathers, folks! We are excited to unveil our updated interface for creators. It's not just a minor facelift (although it will look fantastic)—the Experience Manager you know and love will undergo a little rebrand, too.

These updates will be rolling out in Summer 2024. Please expect a little downtime, which will be communicated in advance!

Change Can Be Hard...

...but we want to make it as seamless for you as possible. Our friendly geese are standing by, ready to lend a helping wing as you get acquainted with what's new! Please read on for an overview of the updates.

Want more personalized support? We're always happy to hear from you.

Check out the FAQs here, or give us a honk at hi@goosechase.com for any support!

Existing Creator?

If you’re already part of our flock, things will look a little different. Don’t worry—your favorite features will still be here, just with a fresh coat of polish. It’s like seeing an old friend in a fabulous new outfit—recognizable, but with a twist that makes you smile. We’ve made everything more intuitive and downright delightful to use, so you’ll feel right at home in no time.

New to Goosechase?

If you’re new, well, welcome! Our slogan says it all: Experience is everything, and we’re proud to start your Goosechase flight path with a great user experience.

Visual learner? I get it.

Fast-forward to the future! Watch this tour of the new Goosechase Studio, including a walk-through of the changes and new features, detailed below.

What Changes Should I Expect?

What’s in a Name?

First things first: we’re giving our beloved Experience Manager a snazzy new name— introducing the Goosechase Studio. Why? Because this name better captures the creative possibilities at your fingertips. Whether you're crafting a new exhibition, lesson plan, a team-building exercise, or something entirely new, the Goosechase Studio will be your canvas. Plus, let’s be real…it sounds way cooler.

Create Missions More Quickly

We know you’re some of the busiest people on the planet. You wanted an easier, faster, and more intuitive way to create Experiences, and we listened!

The improved UI on the Missions page will make it a breeze to create and schedule your Missions. 

Here's a sneak peek of the new Missions page, where all Mission-related settings are accessible!

Communicate with Participants More Easily

You'll soon have a dedicated page for sending and managing messages to participants, renamed Broadcasts. This will make it easier to use Goosechase to communicate with participants, sending broadcasts like, “5 minutes left in the Experience!”, or “Head to HQ to pick up your badges!”, to help you get everyone in formation.

Did you hear? You'll get a page just for communicating with participants

The New New

You know we have to introduce some brand-new features, too! 

Maximum Number of Participants on a Team

It'll be easier for you to manage participants and team sizes by limiting the number of people who can join a team. 

Approximate Answers

Spelling and grammar sticklers, look away! Creators will be able to turn on “Approximate Answers” (adorably known as Fuzzy Matching within our product team 🐻) for Text Missions, meaning answers can be accepted even if they contain minor misspellings or pluralization. Don’t worry, you can keep this turned off if it really matters (spelling and grammar sticklers, come back!).

Save and Reuse Missions in the Mission Library

Being the creative geniuses you are, we know this one will come in handy for revisiting your greatest hits. You'll be able to save Missions to your library directly from the Missions tab.

You can also add those saved Missions to your Experience as many times as you'd like! This will make it easier to reuse Missions’ naming conventions or descriptions, or use the exact same Mission multiple times.

Draft Mode

When adding new Missions to a live Experience, you'll be able to set them in Draft Mode - meaning they won’t pop up for participants as soon as you hit Save. This will give you more flexibility for editing your live Experience on the fly.

Setting Missions to Draft Mode will also make it easier to collaborate on Mission ideas with your co-creators.

…and this is just the beginning!

We’re excited to continue building better tools for you to create better experiences for your community. 🧡

Once the changes are live, check out the new studio by logging in with the email associated with your existing account, and let us know what you think!

Questions? Comments? Reach out at hi@goosechase.com

What is Goosechase?

At Goosechase, experience is everything. Originally inspired by scavenger hunts, Goosechase is an online platform that enables organizations and schools to engage, activate, and educate their communities through delightful interactive experiences. Sign up and try creating a free recreational Experience, or check out our Pricing!


Mia David

Integrated Marketing Manager