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Virtual/Remote Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Volume 2

Virtual & Remote Experiences Mar 26, 2020

While scavenger hunts are the most fun when played at a live social event, a little bit of creativity can help an educator or event planner create just as engaging of an experience through a virtual scavenger hunt.

Our indoor missions were specially created for use in our own community game for those seeking an activity while practing social distancing. We welcome anyone to use these missions as inspiraction for their own virtual games!

Check out our remote scavenger hunts for more Indoor Social Distancing Mission Ideas and resources!

Indoor Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Volume 2

  • (string pull) Reach for the sky! (Photo/Video) - Set up your phone. Stand up tall and stretch from your toes to your finger tips. REACH. REACH MORE. Groans and sighs get bonuses!

  • Morning Commute (Photo/Video) - It's important to keep your morning routines. Share a photo or video on your "new morning commute" to work.

  • Bookworm (Photo/Video) - What's the best book you've read recently! Take a photo of the book cover and share what you liked about it.

  • Breakfast of Champions (Photo/Video) - Take a photo of the breakfast that gets you fired up for the day. Leave the recipe in the notes!

  • Pets Ahoy (Photo/Video) - If you have a pet, snap a candid shot with them. If you don't, find a picture online of your dream pet and snap a photo with it! Bonus points if your pet has clearly had enough time with you.

  • Sounds of (Non) Silence (Text) - While you're home, what are your go-to jams? Share the songs, artists or playlists that are keeping you feeling good!

  • Stir Crazy (Photo) - Give your best stir-crazy, I need out of here face. The more faces in the photo, the better!

  • Triple Venti Ultra Light Mocha Strawberry-ccino (Video) -Starbucks is closed. Get creative with your at home coffee order. Personas welcome. Scarves and glasses welcome. "Yes, hi, I'd like an order of bonus points with a large dollop of more bonus points and some bonus points on the side. Ya, thanks"

  • Doodle Time (Photo/Video) - Let's see what you've got when it comes to your drawing skills! Everything from stick figures to Picasso is encouraged.

  • Personal Luxury Item (Text) - Imagine you're trapped on an island. What is the one luxury item you bring with you to make yourself feel more at home? Assume it will never break or run out!

  • Escondido Amigo (Photo/Video) - Show us your best and most creative hiding spot. Could be high, low, hidden, or just plain sneaky. Bonus points if you can "blend" into the scenery.

  • I Do Art (Photo) - Modern art is in the eye of the beholder. Using household objects, create your own art installation.

  • Dance Dance Revolution (Video) - The arcade is closed. No matter, you don't need it. Perform a 5 - 7 second dance routine as if you were playing your favourite game, Dance Dance Revolution. Get Breathless!

  • Mr. Clean (Video) - We all want to live in a clean, healthy environment, show how you get your sparkle on with your best Mr. Clean impression. Extra points available. You know what to do.

  • Virtual Talent Show (Video) - What's your talent? Can you juggle? Sing? Eyebrow dance? Play an instrument? Show your talent off to the world!

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