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Finding Hidden Treasure: Eric Chiang and Joe Denomme on The Multipurpose Room Podcast

Company Updates Jan 18, 2021

Goosechase Head of Marketing Eric Chiang and Account Executive Joe Denomme joined hosts Debora and Wesley Jones on an episode of The Multipurpose Room Podcast!

In this episode, Debora, Wesley, Eric, and Joe discuss:

  • How Goosechase was founded out of a university dorm room, and how the Education side of the business was built by a passionate individual championing the product.
  • How Goosechase EDU is designed to get players out of their seats and engage with the learning process through active experiences.
  • Building a free game on Goosechase EDU for up to five players or teams.
  • Resources and pre-built missions available to educators putting together a Goosechase EDU game.
  • Utilizing Goosechase EDU as a remote teaching tool to create a sense of community when teachers and students cannot be physically present at the same place.
  • The types of games that Goosechase EDU can be used for – From text answer quizzes to physically-active photo and video challenges!
  • The flexibility of Goosechase EDU to enable games that run for anywhere from one hour, one week, or even an entire year.
  • Best practices when designing your Goosechase game, and how to use the platform’s features to maximize engagement.
  • Using Goosechase for fundraisers and how to attract sponsors to get on board.
  • How to structure games to tap into players’ competitive spirit.
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of text missions.

Tune in to the episode through the Spotify player below, or your favorite podcast app!

The Multipurpose Room podcast is sponsored by K12 Clothing and features guests that share resources helping school organizations (PTA, PTO, PTSA, PTSO) and school administrators achieve their goals.

What is Goosechase?

Goosechase is an online platform that helps educators create and run digital scavenger hunt learning experiences in their classroom and beyond. Sign up and try creating a game, or contact us to learn more about our school and district-wide solutions!


Eric Chiang

Product Manager