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Virtual Campus Orientation Scavenger Hunt Mission Ideas

Universities & Colleges Aug 7, 2020

With many universities and colleges moving to online instruction this year, orientation is going to look a little different this semester. We’ve prepared this list of scavenger hunt missions for administrators, student leaders, or orientation coordinators who are looking to utilize GooseChase to build a virtual orientation experience.

Tips For Organizing a Virtual Orientation Game

The key to an awesome virtual orientation experience is fostering connection amongst the new students, and getting them excited about your school's culture! Rather than using a scavenger hunt to explore hard-to-find locations on campus, a virtual orientation scavenger hunt run remotely can be used to showcase creativity, humor, and self-expression while building a sense of community online.

Without needing everyone to be physically present at the same location, a remote orientation game also has the potential to reach even more participants. Our list is a place to help you get started with some fun virtual missions to break the ice. We encourage organizers to add in their own specific missions to help educate new students on policy and guidelines as well.

If campus is still open at your institution, make sure to check out our in-person College and University Orientation Scavenger Hunt Ideas post as well!

If you already have a GooseChase organizer account, you can click the button below to add these missions to your Game Manager as a duplicate game. Curious how a Digital Scavenger Hunt works? Take a look at our How It Works page to see how easy it is to get started on GooseChase!

Virtual Orientation GooseChase Mission Ideas for Universities and Colleges

  • Ergonomics 101 (Photo) - Take a photo of your study setup, bonus points for clever laptop or screen elevation methods.

  • Hydro Homies (Video) - Keep yourself hydrated and take a video of yourself finishing a full glass of water in one shot.

  • Introduce Yourself! (Video) - Share a video introducing yourself to your fellow students! Say your name, your program and something you're excited about for this year!

  • Pterodactyl (Video) - Show off your school spirit! Snap a photo with an item of school swag or dress up in our school colours!

  • School Spirit (Photo) - Take a photo of your study setup, bonus points for clever laptop or screen elevation methods.

  • Banned (Video) - Is TikTok on the way out? Shift platforms and take a video of you being a TikTok influencer on GooseChase instead.

  • The Floor is Lava (Video) - Take a video of you letting off some steam avoiding that lava-filled floor using household objects.

  • Bilingual Jingle (Video) - Do you know songs in another language? Take a video of yourself serenading us with a tune.

  • Chopped: Home Edition (Photo) - We might not be living on campus this semester, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still work on our culinary skills. Take a video of you introducing a dish you’ve crafted to the Chopped Judges.

  • Imaginationland (Photo/Video) - Social Distancing stopping you from going to parties? Have a tea party with your stuffed animals, hoodies, or other props instead! Take a photo or video of your soiree.

  • Level Up (Video) - What skills have you been working on over the quarantine season? Take a video or photo of your special talent.

  • Netflix Dub (Video) - Run your favorite movie or tv show on mute and improvise lines for the actors. Take a video of the results!

  • Quarantine PPE (Photo/Video) - Go beyond the mask and use household supplies to construct your own, more advanced personal protective suit. Take a photo or video of your safety gear.

  • Shout out to the Recreation Department (Photo/Video) - We might not be able to visit the campus gym, but that doesn't mean we can't be active! Show us your favourite at home workout!

  • You’re a wizard, Harry! (Video) - Muggle school is cancelled and you’re going to Hogwarts instead, take a video of you casting the first spell you learned!

  • Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica (Video) - Take a video of you reenacting any scene from The Office - Bonus Points if chili is involved

  • Neighborhood Weather Report (Video) - Take a video of you reporting live on the weather situation where you are located. Costumes encouraged.

Check out the GooseChase blog for even more event planning and scavenger hunt resources. Our virtual scavenger hunt mission ideas section contains even more ideas to help you plan your virtual orientation game!

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