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Valentine's Day Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Ask a group of people for their opinions of Valentine's Day, and you're likely to get a wide variety of differing opinions. Whether your guests are "single", "taken", or in a constant state of "it's complicated", a Valentine's Day party can be one of the most interesting types of social gatherings to host.

In order to help you bring a crowd together no matter their relationship status, we've put together a list of some of our favorite Valentine's Day Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas. These are perfect as an ice-breaker activity, suited for your next gathering of committed couples or stoic singles alike. Add them to your account at the button below.

Valentine's Day GooseChase Mission Ideas

  • #FollowMeTo - Ever wanted to be social media famous? Now you can! Take a romantic insta photo of a teammate leading another by the hand to an unknown destination.

  • Did it hurt...? - Creativity sparks another romance. Take a video of a team member delivering a cheesy pick-up line to a stranger.

  • Unconventional Bouquet - Create a bouquet out of anything other than flowers. Photograph your creation.

  • Kissing in the Rain - Take a video of two team members kissing or romantically embracing in the rain. Improvise if it is not raining.

  • Sonny and Cher - Film two team members singing a duet of their choice.

  • My darling... - Take a video of two team members recreating the pottery scene from the movie "Ghost".

  • Acroyoga - Have two team members show us their best couples yoga/acroyoga move!

  • Is it hot in here? - Find a mirror and fog it up with your breath. Leave a charming love note or piece of artwork on the mirror and take a photo.

  • Twister - Take a photo of as many people (on your team or otherwise) tangled up in an imaginary game of Twister!

  • You've got to try this... - Take a photo of two team members feeding each other a food item of your choice. Bonus points for sensuality.

  • Two to Tango - Have to two team members pair up and take a video of their most impressive couples dance routine!

  • Adorable Night In - Sometimes the most romantic evenings involve staying in and building a pillow/cushion fort. Take a photo of your creation!

  • We're pretty close, just hop on... - Find a bicycle. Take a video of a team member riding that bicycle with a team-mate sitting on the handlebars.

  • Miracle Whip - Find some whipped cream. Take a video of a team member licking some off of a team-mate's body. Tasteful creativity is the key here...

  • Wedding Party Photo - Finally, the big day is here! Stage a portrait of two team members' wedding party. Bonus points for props!

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