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Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt Mission Ideas

This post was originally published in October 2019, and updated October 2021.

Hosting a spooky event or Halloween costume contest this year? Get your guests moving with a Halloween scavenger hunt that's all treat - and maybe just a little tricky!

Perfect for an icebreaker, this Halloween scavenger hunt is all about getting your guests mingling and engaging with each other. Looking for more festive inspiration? Check out THIS blog with Halloween costume ideas for Zoom, the office, groups, and kids - plus how to use GooseChase to run a Halloween costume contest.

If you're already using GooseChase to run your scavenger hunt, you can click the button below to add these missions to your account as a duplicate game. Still planning your scavenger hunts on paper? Take a look at our How It Works page to see how easy it is to get started on GooseChase!

Halloween GooseChase Mission Ideas

  • Apple Bobbers - Take a photo of somebody holding onto an entire apple with their teeth.

  • Barnyard - Take a video of as many people who are dressed up as animals doing impressions of their animal.

  • Fall Decor - Take a photo of a great room or doorway decorated in the Halloween spirit.

  • Frankenstein’s Monster - Take a photo of somebody combining as many parts of other people’s costumes to create a new abomination of a costume.

  • Glucose Grillz - Find some candy corn and take a photo of somebody wearing them as vampire fangs.

  • Halloween Chow - Take a video of somebody in costume ordering food at a cafe or fast food restaurant in character.

  • Halloween Classics - Take a photo of somebody dressed up as a Ghost, Witch, Skeleton, Demon, Vampire, or Zombie.

  • Hero Squad - Take a photo of as many people dressed up as superheroes assembled into a squad.

  • Jack-o-Lantern - Take a photo of the best carved pumpkin you can find.

  • Makeup Addiction - Take a photo of somebody with amazing face paint.

  • Masquerade - Take a video of two people wearing full masks having a conversation in their characters.

  • No Capes - Take a photo or video of a costumed person’s cape malfunctioning.

  • Save Me - Take a photo of somebody dressed up as a Firefighter, Nurse, Police Officer, Soldier, or Doctor.

  • Thriller - Take a video of as many people as you can get recreating this classic Micheal Jackson music video.

  • Trick or Treat - Take a video of somebody trick-or-treating at an unconventional place.

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