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Halloween Costume Ideas: for Zoom, the Office, Groups, and Kids

This blog post was originally published on October 8, 2021. It was updated for formatting and with a few new ideas on October 17, 2022. Thanks for reading!

Calling all ghouls and geese! It’s spooky season, and finding just the right easy halloween costume can be a little tricky…

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite halloween costume ideas from around the web (plus some original gems!) for virtual events (you can do a LOT on Zoom!), office celebrations, group costume ensembles, and kids at school. Plus, how you can make the most out of Goosechase for a horrifyingly good time at your halloween parties and events.

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Virtual Halloween Costumes

Take advantage of customizable backgrounds to take your onscreen look to another level. The best part? Sweatpants stay on!

The Office

  • This gag made the rounds on Zoom calls in 2020, but we’re bringing it back because it’s just so good - and easy! Dress as your favorite character from The Office - bonus points for staying in character.
  • Idea originally sourced HERE

The Matrix

  • It’s time sunglasses at night looked cool (again). Dress in all black, slick your hair back, and eat only blue and red candies on screen (M&Ms work great for this).
  • Idea originally sourced HERE

Favorite Album Cover

  • No singing skills necessary! Have a standout album that came out this year? Get creative with your background for this one! Change your display name to “Now Playing: ____” and insert your favorite track.

Reality Show Contestant

  • Turn up the drama and turn on the tears! Get hooked on reality TV this year, like the rest of us? Pick your favorite reality star, set the scene with the background, and get into character!

The Brady Bunch

  • A fun excuse to go vintage for your fashionable halloween costume! Dress up in a look straight out of the 70s, complete with hair and makeup.

Halloween Costumes for the Office

While it isn’t on this list, yes, we always think dressing up as someone from The Office is hilarious. But Dwight and Jim aside, think about your team's inside jokes and what works with your dress code!


  • “Anyone watch anything good over the weekend”? The last year has given us some pretty great answers. Using what’s already in your wardrobe, turn on the Ava or Janine (from Abbott Elementary), one of the chefs from The Bear, or a member of the Targaryen family tree (from House of Dragons)!


  • “Anyone see the new _____ movie this weekend?” What can we say, it was a great year for television AND cinema! Channel your inner Elvis or hero from The Woman King.

Pick a Pun and Run with it

  • Punny costumes will never grow old - you and your coworkers will chuckle about them for years to come! We saw this fun Bread Winner one HERE
  • More punny ideas HERE like Bearista, Avocato, and InstaGram

Goose and Maverick (We couldn’t not put this in)

  • How could we resist a good Goose mention, especially when Top Gun: Maverick was such an epic sequel to Top Gun?! You and your work best friend are a lethal duo, beating deadlines left and right. Suit up like Goose and Maverick - or fine, Rooster and Maverick.
  • Idea originally sourced HERE

Work Lunch-Inspired

  • You are what you eat! Get teased for eating the same thing every day? Or maybe you LOVE the cookies from the café next door? Take halloween costume inspiration from your favorite coffee break companion.
  • Idea originally sourced HERE

Group Halloween Costumes

Getting together with friends and family and want to make an awesome impression? Group halloween costumes are always a hit!

Squid Game Contestants

  • An absolute no-brainer, this couldn’t not make it to our list. Still impressive a year later.
  • Idea originally sourced HERE

Codenames or Among Us

  • Although 2020 was undeniably the year of the online party game, games like Among Us are still household names today! Dress up in red and blue spy gear (complete with red and blue face paint) a la Codenames, or grab THESE hilarious costumes to look like the astronauts from Among Us.

Farmer's Market

  • One way to counter all that candy? Fresh fruits and vegetables...however you want to take that.
  • Idea originally sourced HERE


  • For a brief moment in time, nothing was more valuable than toilet paper or powerful than banana bread. Get your “quaranteam” together to dress up as the essentials from 2020: toilet paper, banana bread, sourdough, soap and water, a sweat suit...get creative with this throwback!

Kids Halloween Costumes for School

Superhero costumes will always save the day, but here are a few other ideas to consider!


Space Jam

  • The Tune Squad goes Trick or Treating! Pair a blue or white basketball jersey with bunny ears and you’re all set.

Video Game-Inspired

  • For kids always asking for a little more screen time with Roblox, Minecraft, or Super Mario, bring their dreams to life with a videogame-inspired look!
  • Idea originally sourced HERE


  • This classic costume couldn’t get any cuter. It’s easy to DIY with denim overalls, a yellow hat, and some homemade goggles!
  • Idea originally sourced HERE


  • For those in middle school and high school, looking to favorite TV shows like Never Have I Ever and Riverdale is always an inspiring choice. Using what’s already in their wardrobe, mimic how the shows style the clothes (layers, accessories) to elevate “outfit” to “costume”!
  • Idea originally sourced HERE

Tricks for using Goosechase for your Halloween Festivities

Goosechase is a treat no matter the halloween activity: we give you the building blocks to get creative! Here are a couple ideas on how Goosechase can amp up your Halloween festivities, whether at work, school or with friends:

Glorified Guest List: Enter every guest’s name in as a “Mission”, and enable photo/video submissions. Goosechase participants will snap away at fellow guests, trying to catch them all while documenting hilarious poses and candids throughout the night. You can use the Activity Feed to conduct a costume contest, too - the costume with the most likes wins! Get ready for hilarious visual evidence of everyone and cases of mistaken identity - who wore the Scream mask all night?!

Costume BINGO: There goes another homemade cat costume! Use Goosechase to run a game of Costume BINGO. We’ve put together a Goosechase Experience HERE which includes the costumes in this post, plus some tried-and-true favorites. See someone dressed in one of the ideas? Snap a photo! It’s not too tricky...whoever can spot the most costumes wins a treat.

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