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Best Practices for Showing Mission Submissions in the Activity Feed

Planning Tips May 30, 2019

One of the best features of the Goosechase platform is the Activity Feed. It allows game organizers and players to see submissions from other teams as they are completed. Goosechase organizers are able to control which mission submissions are shown to other players or teams.

How Can an Organizer Limit Which Mission Submissions are Shown in the Activity Feed?

For each individual Goosechase Mission, organizers can set whether submissions are shown in the activity feed by clicking the “Advanced Settings” button. See our Hiding Submissions from Feed FAQ page for detailed instructions.

By default, Text and GPS Missions are set to “Hidden in Feed” when created, while Photo/Video missions are set to “Shown in Feed”.

Where can Organizers and Players find the Goosechase Activity Feed?

Game organizers can access the Activity Feed from the left-hand column in the Game Manager, under the In-Game section. Organizers will see all mission submissions as they come in, even if they are set to be “Hidden in Feed” for players.

Players can access the Activity Feed by tapping the activity feed tab after they join the game using the Goosechase App. Missions that organizers have set submissions to be “Hidden in Feed” will not be shown to players here.

When Should an Organizer Make Mission Submissions Hidden in the Activity Feed?

It is recommended that organizers hide mission submissions in cases where seeing other submissions can “spoil” the challenge for other teams.

For example, missions that you might hide from the Activity Feed include, but are not limited to:

  • Trivia style missions testing player knowledge, where knowing or finding the correct answer is part of the challenge.
  • Missions where part of the challenge is to find a locate an unknown person, location, or area.
  • Missions where the organizer is seeking individual feedback from players. (“Take a photo of your favorite conference booth!” or “What was the name of your favorite main stage act?”

Other than cases like those mentioned above, it is recommended that organizers allow missions to be shown in the Activity Feed, as seeing other teams make progress can encourage competition in the game, and motivate teams to work harder to complete their list.

Missions that are better left in the Activity Feed include, but are not limited to:

  • Missions that draw outrageous and entertaining missions.
  • Missions that require creative submissions. (As long as the organizers are diligent in penalizing copycats!)
  • Games where missions progress in a linear order. (“They’ve made it that far already? We better pick it up!”

For additional support, our FAQ contains even more helpful resources. You can also email us directly at!

What is Goosechase?

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Eric Chiang

Product Manager