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Workplace and Office Orientation Scavenger Hunt Ideas

HR & Businesses Jun 13, 2019

Our office orientation scavenger hunt template is intended to be a starting point for team managers and HR professionals looking to introduce an engaging, interactive element to their workplace orientation process.

The generic mission ideas currently on our list are written to be applicable to a wide range of office and work environments. We highly recommend each scavenger hunt organizer review and edit each mission, as well as create additional missions to fully customize the game for their specific workplace.

If you're using GooseChase to run your event, you can click the blue button below to add these missions to your account as a duplicate game. Still planning your scavenger hunts on paper? Take a look at our How It Works page to see how easy it is to get started on GooseChase!

Office Orientation Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • AED (Photo) - Knowing the location of our AED can make all the difference in cases of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Locate our device and take a photo of it.

  • Dumpster Dive (Photo) - Large quantities of trash or recyclable waste are better if brought directly to our outside dumpsters instead of the office bins. Locate where our dumpster bins are located and take a photo of them.

  • Elevator Pass (Text) - Don't get locked out late at night! Find out what time the elevators become are closed off to the public and start requiring a pass to use.

  • Fire Extinguisher (Photo) - Can you find the fire extinguisher closest to your workstation in the event of an emergency? Locate it and take a photo.

  • First Aid Kit (Photo) - Find out where our first aid kit is stored and take a photo of it.

  • Human Resources Representative (Photo) - Our Human Resource department is your first point of contact for anything regarding on-boarding, administration, or workplace culture. Locate your Human Resources Rep and take a photo with them.

  • Leftovers (Text) - On what day of the month is the refrigerator cleaned out, along with all leftover, unclaimed items? Find out and enter the answer below.

  • Lunch Venue (Text) - We are lucky to be located close to a variety of quality cafes and restaurants. Ask around for a suggestion and let us know the name of the restaurant you plan to check out first!

  • Muster Point (Photo) - Do you know where to gather if we are required to evacuate the building in the event of an emergency? Head over to your team's muster point and take a photo of the location.

  • Reception/Welcome Desk (Photo) - Visitors to our office should always make sure they are signed in and logged at reception. Head over and take a photo with the current staff member on duty.

  • Security Office (Photo) - Our security office is where you should go if you need to report a strange individual on site. Find out where it is and take a photo with the staff member on duty.

  • Supply Room (Photo) - Our supply room is kept stocked with a variety of stationery and accessible to all team members. Find out where it is and take a photo.

  • Team Manager (Video) - Hopefully by now you've become well acquainted with your team manager. Find them and film a video of the two of you executing a secret handshake.

  • Tech Specialist (Photo) - Who should you go to for technical support? Find a representative of our technical services department and take a photo with them.

  • No Silly Questions (Text) - Do you have any other unanswered questions after your onboarding and orientation sessions? Let us know here and we will do our best to find you the answer.

Tips to Customize Your GooseChase Game:

Include missions that require participating team members to introduce themselves to their coworkers.

Not everyone joining your team will naturally have an outgoing personality. Building in opportunies for first introductions into the orientation GooseChase game will help to nudge introverted individuals out of their shell. This can be done by directly requiring the interaction as part of a mission (take a photo with this specific person), or encouraging participants to ask their colleagues for help in finding hard-to-locate mission objectives.

If there are multiple participants in the orientation group, offer prizes to top performers to stoke some friendly competition.

We've observed that engagement levels in GooseChase games tend to increase if participants are playing for a reward. A gift certificate to a nearby lunch venue, or some branded company merchandise can be a great way to incentivise players to give it their all.

Utilize Text Missions for open-ended feedback.

The great thing about a GooseChase text mission is that it can be set to accept any answer if the answer field is left blank in the Game Manager! This means that feedback, suggestions, or questions (as formatted in the mission above) can be included as part of your game. Organizers for public events have even utilized text missions to collect contact information for marketing purposes.

Be sure to also check out our other scavenger hunt ideas! You can also contact our team by sending an email to

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