October 2018 Game Library Updates

K-12 Educators Oct 16, 2018

It's time for another Game Library Update! Do you want to start using GooseChase in your classroom? Maybe one of the games below is the fit for you! Keep reading to see which games have been added this month!

This update includes a game focussed on physics, where students can test their skills while having fun! We also included a culinary game focussing on measuring ingredients and even a French game! Perhaps most festive of all, we have a Harvest themed game perfect for field trips to the pumpkin patch, or a Halloween themed game to get your class in the spirit! If you want to access your own copy to any of these games, keep scrolling to find the link!

La France dans mon Ecole

What is the influence of France on the world today? How many symbols of French can you find in our building? In teams of 4, be first to take pics of everything on the list to win extra credit points!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: All

Subject: French

Game Creator: Crystal Cannon

Physcis Review

Make reviewing physics concepts ever more fun and engaging by completing these missions!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: Physcis

Game Creator: Stacey West

Measuring Madness

Working on your groups, you will complete the missions surrounding this culinary measuring "Goose Chase"

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: Culinary

Game Creator: Erin Wolf

Harvest Festival

Complete the missions in this GooseChase while on a field trip to a local Pumpkin Patch!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 4 - 12

Subject: Field Trips

Game Creator:

Ecology Hunt

Through this GooseChase you will complete missions that help to observe the interactions in our own ecosystem.

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: Science

Game Creator: Aimee Farnum

Halloween Fun!

Celebrate Halloween with your class by completing these "spooky" missions!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: All

Subject: Halloween

Game Creator: Eveline Angeneind

Thats all for now, but more games will be added in the future! Check out our complete library for more ideas!

Have a game you'd like us to include in our update, submit it here. Looking for a game for a specific topic? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher