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April & May 2022 EDU Game Library Updates

A little consolation for spring's sneeze-inducing pollen count and surprise rain showers, and losing an hour of sleep for daylight savings? Getting outside, feeling the sunshine, and giving your students their first "best day ever!" of the season.

A round-up of Goosechases to add to your toolkit of Spring activities:

  • Ideas for Earth Day (to celebrate on April 22nd - and every day after that!)
  • A step-by-step crafting activity for Mother's Day - use the gift idea below, or borrow the Goosechase format to make instructing students fun and easy. Behind-the-scenes photos to share with their parents? Equally priceless.
  • A warm welcome to your community library
  • A celebratory sendoff for a graduating class

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Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

This easy-to-play Goosechase will get kids responsibly out in nature and thinking practically about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Best for: Students
Grade Level: K - 4
Subject: Science
Game Creator: Cynthia Cassidy

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Earth Day!

Complete these missions to earn points as a team while having fun in nature!

Best for: Students
Grade Level: 5 - 12
Subject: Science, Holidays
Game Creator: Becky Goddard

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Mother's Day Shoe Planter

Looking for a sustainable gift that your students can make for Mother's Day? Easily show your kids how to complete a craft step-by-step by turning it into a Goosechase.

Best for: Students
Grade Level: K - 6
Subject: Science, Art, Holidays

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Get to know our library!

This engaging Goosechase will get students familiar with how to use the library catalog and dive deeper into popular genres.

Best for: Students
Grade Level: 5 - 12
Subject: Library
Game Creator: Christine Finn

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Graduation Hunt!

Graduating Highschool Seniors will take part in a virtual hunt to win prizes and have a great time. Missions do not need to be completed in order. Have fun and congratulations!

Best for: Students
Grade Level: 12th Grade
Subject: General
Game Creator: Burke Egner

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That's all for this month, but more games will be added in the future. Check out our complete EDU library for more ideas!

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