July & August 2021 Game Library Updates Collage

July & August 2021 Game Library Updates

Summer of 2021 is flashing right before our eyes, but there is still time to engage students and staff in some fun summer activities!

Education focussed conferences are picking up this summer and what better way to get attendees working together than with a GooseChase! Send participants on our newly added “Conference Breakout Session” game to help them develop an understanding of how to use GooseChase.

As we start to head back into the school building and prepare for another group of young learners, it’s important to ensure your staff are in the right mindset! Meet new colleagues, reconnect with old ones, and get ready to battle for 1st place with our “Staff Chill Time” and “GooseChase in the Office” games. Want to include your students in all the fun as well? Send them on a “Back to School Icebreaker” game to spread the joy!

Looking to introduce students to your school building and its features? Have students participate in the “Media Centre Orientation” game to help them understand the expectations and procedures put in place for this space.

If you think any of these games can be used in your classroom, create an account and add any of the games below directly to your Game Manager. If you’re new to GooseChase, check out our Getting Started Package full of helpful resources!

Help out a fellow teacher!

We're always looking for new games to add to the EDU Library Did you create one recently that got your students up and out of their seats? Submit it for other teachers to use!

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New to GooseChase and wondering how an interactive scavenger hunt can energize student learning? Check out our “GooseChase for Student Engagement” game and see what it's all about. Then, it's easy to create an account and add any of the games below directly into your Game Manager.

Back To School Icebreaker

Welcome Back! We are going to kick off the new school year by doing some back to school ice breaker activities to get to know one another!

Best for: Students & Staff
Grade Level: 3 - 12
Subject: Back to School
Game Creator: Terra-Lee Gratton

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Staff Chill Time

Let's get all the stress off of the beginning of the year and get to know each other before we greet our students this year!

Best for: Staff
Subject: Back to School

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Media Center Orientation

A fun way to learn about our Media Center with your friends!

Best for: Students
Grade Level: K - 12
Subject: Language, Back to School
Game Creator: Laura Dawes

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Conference Breakout Session

A collection of challenges and missions for session participants to gain first-hand experience using GooseChase!

Best for: Staff
Subject: Special Events
Game Creator: Jessie Erickson

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GooseChase in the Office

Designed to be completed in teams. This game introduces teachers to how GooseChase can be used in the classroom. All missions are based on science, math, or language games intended for students.

Best for: Staff
Subject: Back to School
Game Creator: Kerry Daus

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That's all for this month, but more games will be added in the future. Check out our complete EDU library for more ideas!

Have a game you'd like us to include in our update, submit it here. Looking for a game for a specific topic? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

What is GooseChase?

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Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher