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Virtual/Remote Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Volume 4

While scavenger hunts are the most fun when played at a live social event, a little bit of creativity can help an educator or event planner create just as engaging of an experience through a virtual scavenger hunt.

Our indoor missions were specially created for use in our own community game for those seeking an activity while practing social distancing. We welcome anyone to use these missions as inspiraction for their own virtual games!

Check out our remote scavenger hunts for more Indoor Social Distancing Mission Ideas and resources!

Indoor Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Volume 4

  • Marie Kondo (Photo) - This is a good time to simplify life and clean up your living space. Show us an example of a well arranged and organized household location, such as a bookshelf.

  • Analog Games (Photo) - Anyone bonding with their family or roommates more than usual during this time? Take a photo of you in progress playing a board game together! Can be done over video call as well!

  • Honk If You Love Knowledge (Text) - Dust off that old National Geographic of yours and regale us with your favourite goose fact. Or tell us a story about a goose you came across once. Something goose related.

  • Reruns or Blockbusters (Text) - What's are some shows or movies you've been obsessed with lately? Give a 5 word max synopsis for each!

  • Silver Lining (Text) - Tell us about an unexpected positive story you've experienced during social distancing so far! Witnessed a random act of kindness? Let's share the love!

  • Crazy Hair Day (Photo) - Got bed-head? Great, let's see it. Want to go full out like it's an elementary school crazy hair day? You know you're getting bonus points then!

  • Deju Vu (Photo) - Recreate a famous or iconic picture or video. Lacking inspiration? Think John and Yoko, the moon landing, etc.

  • Heyyyy Macarena (Video) - A 90s classic, let's see your macarena moves! Bonus points for remembering the lyrics and singing along.

  • See 10 do 10 (Video) - Take a video of you doing as many pushups, situps, burpees, or jumping jacks as you can in 15 seconds. Remember your good form!

  • Citrus Smiles (Photo) - Vitamin C is important to keep your immune system running at full speed. Let's see some citrus mouthguards!

  • ESPN8: The Ocho (Video) - There's no more live sports on TV, so it's time to get weird. Create or find an obscure sporting event and pretend to be the announcer. This could be anything from marble races, slippery stairs, or cornhole championships. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

  • Peace and Love (Video) - Find something that "says" it's the 1960s again. Make a video and work in an iconic song from that era!

  • T-Rex Arms (Video) - Take a video of your best T-rex impression with your arms pulled into your sleeves.

  • Chain Reaction (Video) - Create your own rube goldberg machine from household items and take a video of it in action!

  • The Floor is Lava (Video) - Take a video of you letting off some steam avoiding that lava-filled floor using household objects.

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