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Virtual/Remote Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Volume 3

While scavenger hunts are the most fun when played at a live social event, a little bit of creativity can help an educator or event planner create just as engaging of an experience through a virtual scavenger hunt.

Our indoor missions were specially created for use in our own community game for those seeking an activity while practing social distancing. We welcome anyone to use these missions as inspiraction for their own virtual games!

Check out our remote scavenger hunts for more Indoor Social Distancing Mission Ideas and resources!

Indoor Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Volume 3

  • Collections (Photo/Video) - We all have them...stuffed animals, baseball hats, marbles, etc. Let's see yours! Bonus points for weird or wacky collections!

  • My Favourite Recipe (Text) - We're all looking for creative new dishes, what is an easy to do, but delicious recipe that you can recommend?

  • Tom Selleck (Photo/Video) - Show us your best isolation moustache! External objects can be used to achieve the same effect if needed!

  • Dressing in Layers (Photo) - Take a photo of you wearing as many layers of shirts as you can. A layer only counts if your head and arms are through the appropriate spots. Each layer is worth 20 bonus points, so write your layers in the caption. Honour system applies, so tell the truth or risk the wrath of the bonus-gods!

  • Hollywood Helper (Text) - Have you already watched every movie and TV show in existence since you've been home? Pitch a new idea for one!

  • OMG Shoes (Photo/Video) - Let's see your kicks collection. Assemble all pairs of footwear you have in your home and take a photo. Bonus points for the largest collection.

  • Outsourcing (Photo) - The kids (or your family) are stuck at home with you, why not cross two items off your list and teach them to do your job for you? Snap a photo of them in "work mode".

  • The Art of the Fold (Photo) - There's something about that feeling you get when you just finish your laundry. Take a photo of a pile of neatly folded shirts.

  • Coffee is Better With Friends (Photo/Video) - Snap a photo or video sharing a virtual video coffee with your friends or colleagues. Mmm dark roast.

  • Harlem Globetrotters (Video) - We know the courts are closed down right now, but that shouldn't stop you from working on your game. Grab an object that's NOT a basketball and put together a trick shot that would make Connie "The Hawk" Hawkins proud.

  • In The Aiiirrr Toniiggghtttt (Video) - It's been referenced in movies and TV shows, but now it's your turn to be the star. Give a rousing "air drums" rendition of the drum solo in "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins that would make even Mike Tyson proud.

  • Meme Team (Photo) - Recreate one of your favourite memes and put the name of it in the comments!

  • Small Fings (Photo) - Find ten things smaller than a dime. Take a photo.

  • Tokyo 2021? (Video) - The Olympics may have been postponed for a year, so use that time wisely and complete the olympic event of your choice in your living room!

  • Film Dubbing (Video) - Put a TV show or movie on and turn the volume all the way down. Take a video of the movie or show playing with you improvising the characters' lines.

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