Goosechase Summer Creator Calendar

Mission Ideas Jun 9, 2022

Summer's here in all its sun-drenched glory, bringing with it the promise of mild weather, more free time, and plenty of room for activities.

Couldn't resist bringing this GIF in

The summer Creator Calendar is stacked with resources and ideas for engaging your communities - of all sizes! - all season long.

Click through the calendar below for inspiring customer stories, interesting articles, and Goosechase templates for...

  • Celebrating Pride month
  • Commemorating Juneteenth
  • Promoting wellness and healthy habits with your colleagues
  • Engaging attendees at your summer conferences - virtual and in-person!
  • Gearing your volunteers up for fundraising
  • Welcoming new students to your campus
  • ....and more you'll want to discover for yourself

Cheers to making the most of the summer!