Headshots of Dr. Monica Burns and Andrew Cross

Goosechase on the Easy EdTech Podcast

K-12 Educators Aug 7, 2023

Hit play if you want to hear a sweet idea for an activity involving governance and...gummy bears?

Goosechase CEO, Andrew Cross, recently joined Dr. Monica Burns for an engaging chat on the Easy EdTech Podcast. They honked...err... talked about the unique aspects of experiential learning, the heart of our mission (pun intended) at Goosechase.

Do you remember those school days when the most vivid and joyful memories were fuelled not by textbooks, but through hands-on, social, collaborative experiences? Andrew and Dr. Burns, a leading figure in edtech integration, honed in on this very aspect and discussed how Goosechase is enhancing the landscape of experiential education, making it easier for educators everywhere to create interactive experiences anytime.

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Episode transcript is available here.

What is Goosechase EDU?

Goosechase is an online platform that helps educators create and run interactive learning experiences in their classrooms and beyond. Sign up and try creating an Experience, or contact us to learn more about our school and district-wide solutions!