April 2018 Game Library Updates

We're excited to share with you a few new games that have been added to our Game Library! Our new additions cover a variety of subjects as well as grade levels - some games can also be used with teachers and/or administrators.

In this update you'll see games that are designed to teach your students about concepts relating to health & physical activity, marketing, and science! You can also find games targeted towards improving students’ literacy. Below, you should find a brief description about each new game and a link to get a copy for yourself!

Great Marketing Review!

Use this game to review common marketing concepts, including: profit/loss, demographics, SWOT, different types or products/services, and more!

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: Business & Accounting

Game Creator: Brooke Rhymes

STEM in the Classroom

During classrooms observations or walkthroughs this game will provide you with instructional strategies to look for STEM Dispositions.

Best for: Staff

Game Creator: Brad Fountain

Lab Equipment Hunt!

Use this game to send students on a scavenger hunt throughout the sciense lab! Students will find different pieces of lab equipment and then take a selfie!

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: Science

Game Creator: Sandy Kliewer

Library Orientation!

Let's learn about the ins and outs of the Library and the Library rules through these fun missions!

Grade Level: K - 8

Subject: English & Back to School

Game Creator: Megan Tumulty

Physical Activity Fun!

Have your class engage/define different Health & Physical Activity concepts!

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: Science & Physical Activity

Game Creator: Jeremy McIver

Mole Scavenger Hunt

Work together as a team to answer the questions and calculations about everyone's favourite topic--MOLES!

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: Science

Game Creator: Cathy Mock

Who are you? Who am I?

Open a professional development session or improve staff/student culture by faciliating a game with these fun missions!

Best for: Staff

Game Creator: Cindy Dziurzynski

Literacy Chase

Complete a variety of activities for related to literacy, reading, and language arts through the completion of these missions!

Grade Level: 5 - 12

Subject: English & Literacy

Game Creator: Jessie Erickson

'While the World Watched' Vocabulary

Complete these missions to review the important vocabulary from Carolyn McKinstry's novel, 'While the World Watched'!

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: History & English

Game Creator: Melissa Kane

These are all the updates we have for now - but we'll be back with more games in a few weeks. Check out our complete library for more ideas!

Have a game you'd like us to include in our update, submit it here. Looking for a game for a specific topic? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher