April 2019 Game Library Updates

K-12 Educators Apr 5, 2019

April is upon us! Time to add some more games to our Game Library! Check out the new additions below!

This month's game library updates include some themed games! With Earth Day coming up, we have included two games that can help your students understand the importance of taking care of our Earth! We also know that many of you are preparing your students to take the STAAR test! Why not have your students complete a GooseChase Scavenger Hunt to practice some of their skills? Take a look at the games we have added for STAAR testing, one might be just right for you! We can't forget about Mother's Day coming up in early May either! Are you looking for a gift your students can make for their mom's? Keep scrolling and you just might find a pretty neat Shoe Planter gift! Plus we have a template game that you can use with your students to learn about the True Easter story! Finally, we had to add a few extras for the everyday use! Check out our game centereed around The Cold War, as well as a scientific ecosystem game! Take a look at our most recent blog post below to read more about each game and get a copy for yourself!

Mother's Day Shoe Planter

Looking for a gift that your students can make for Mother's Day? Check out this activity!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: K - 6

Subject: Science, Art, Holidays

STAAR Review

Complete these missions with your students as a language review for the STAAR test

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: English, Test

Game Creator: Lindsey Boevers

5th Grade Math STAAR Review

Let's review 5th grade math by completing these missions!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 4 - 6

Subject: Math, Test

Game Creator: Micaela Kenworthy

Energy in an Ecosystem

Complete the following scavenger hunt based on ideas from our Energy in the Ecosystems unit.

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 5 - 8

Subject: Science

Game Creator: Sara Loveridge

Earth Day!

Complete these missions to earn points as a team while having fun in nature!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 5 - 12

Subject: Science

Game Creator: Becky Goddard

To Kill a Mockingbird

We will explore Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird with interesting challenges!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: History, English

Game Creator: Linda Icard & Adrian Deese

The Cold War

Complete these missions to test your knowledge of the cold war!

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Subject: History, English

Game Creator: Cissy Dowdy

The True Easter Story

Use this game as a template for teaching your children the True Story of Easter.

Best for: Students

Grade Level: 7 - 12

Subject: Religion

That's all for now, but more games will be added in the future! Check out our complete library for more ideas!

Have a game you'd like us to include in our update, submit it here. Looking for a game for a specific topic? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher