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Our SDPC Membership and Enhanced Privacy Commitments

K-12 Educators Aug 23, 2023

We are proud members of the Access 4 Learning Community (A4L) and its special interest group, the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC)!

This means it’s easier than ever to roll Goosechase out to your entire school or district, safely and securely.

"Welcome to the flock!" - A4L to us

This affiliation reflects our ongoing commitment to empowering you to engage, activate and educate your school community through delightful interactive experiences, whilst ensuring student data integrity, security and privacy.

Whether you're a current Goosechase creator or still assessing our platform, we can now accept National Data Privacy Agreements (NDPA) in an effort to ease your contracting process. You can see the list of existing agreements here.

Should you have any further questions or wish to have us sign an NDPA, please get in touch and our friendly legal geese would be happy to help: hi@goosechase.com ✉️

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