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15 Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Ideas Sep 10, 2018

At the heart of any great scavenger hunt are missions encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zones, bond with their fellow team-mates, and most importantly, howl with laughter while they complete their scavenger hunt lists.

March 2020 Update: We've added new pages containing scavenger hunt ideas for work-from-home teams. Create a GooseChase account to start running a virtual/remote team-building scavenger hunt through our app today!

In this blog post we've include a list of our favourite funny scavenger hunt mission ideas that have never failed to result in amusing situations and creative, over-the-top submissions.

If you're already using GooseChase to run your scavenger hunt, all of these missions (among over 90 others) are already available to be added to your game from the GooseChase Mission Bank tab. You can add them to your game as-is, or modify them to suit your event. Still planning your scavenger hunt on paper? Click here to find out about how easy it is to plan your next event on the GooseChase platform!

Funny GooseChase Scavenger Hunt Mission Ideas List

  • KittyBook - Start a facebook page for a cat. 500 point bonus to the page with the most fans by the end of the hunt.
  • Ribbit - Play a leisurely game of leapfrog in the park.
  • Chippendales - Pole dancing is an ancient art. Try your luck.
  • Conference Call - Take a photo of 4 team members in the same phone booth. Door must be closed.
  • Follow The Leader - Start a game of follow the leader on the street. At least 5 strangers must join.
  • Full of Air - Attach 10 or more fully-filled balloons to a team member. Photograph.
  • Lobster - Find and hold a live lobster. 200 bonus points for kissing it.
  • Ridin' Dirty - Sit in a public service vehicle. 500 bonus points for a police car.
  • Sleepy Time - Take a photo with 8 or more people lying down simultaneously. At least one team member must be in photo.
  • Stomach Problems - Purchase and consume an incredibly greasy burger.
  • Stowaway - Airfare is expensive these days. Save a bit of money and hide in a suitcase.
  • Breakdance - Teach a stranger how to do a breakdance move.
  • Fountain Fishing - Take a picture or record a video of a teammate fishing in a public fountain.
  • Going up - Engage in a game of Twister on an elevator.
  • Surfin' U.S.A. - Go surfing...on an ironing board

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