Two people running after a goose

Chase Real Geese by Upgrading to Goosechase Fresh

Mar 31, 2019

In our ongoing mission to provide the most unique scavenger hunt experiences to our platform users, we are excited to announce the launch of Goosechase Fresh: a new game mode that truly delivers the Goosechase Adventure promised by our brand name.

The Fresh upgrade is a revolutionary way to run your custom scavenger hunt, and as of today, is available to all organizers from the Start & Stop tab in the Game Manager.

Once you upgrade your game, gather your players at your designated starting point and await the arrival of your Goosechase Fresh kit containing 15 game-ready, live adult geese. Each of these birds have been pre-trained to aggressively run, fly, and scurry toward locations determined by our proprietary algorithms. Goosechase Fresh lets users interact with one of Mother Nature’s most majestic creatures in a truly authentic, off-screen experience. Put away the phones and dive right into the fun of re-grouping your gang of grass-gulping ganders into a gaggle as soon as you crack open the kit!


Lost sight of your quarry and need a hint to help you get back in the game? Not to worry, the Goosechase Product Team is always focused on building the most user-friendly features into our platform, and have hand-selected only the most hissing-est of beasts for inclusion in Fresh kits. Just follow the audible squak cues sure to be heard throughout your building or neighbourhood in order to continue your mission!

While Goosechase Fresh is currently an optional upgrade, please know that we plan to phase out the app-based portion of our platform and officially adopt Fresh as our main service offering before the end of 2019. Even though the vast majority of users are currently able to run GooseChase through a mobile device, it's now clear that a physical medium is the only universal way through which we can deliver an optimal scavenger hunt experience to all players.

“It’s been a rewarding challenge getting familiar with so many new skill sets not common to traditional software development. Many people are going to think we're just stuffing geese into crates all day willy-nilly; but between getting our certifications in advanced waterfowl handling, to combing through years worth of avian species navigational data, a lot has been happening behind the scenes."
-Andrew Cross, Goosechase CEO

Please visit the official Goosechase Fresh page to learn more about the details of this exciting new product update.

What is Goosechase?

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Eric Chiang

Product Manager