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Lesson Title: Writing Skills Scavenger Hunt

K-12 Educators May 2, 2024

Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of words and wit!

This lesson plan is designed to invigorate your high school students' understanding of various writing styles through the fun and interactive format of a scavenger hunt. Students will enhance their ability to articulate complex ideas, sharpen their critical thinking skills, and foster teamwork and collaboration. Prepare to see your students think on their feet and refine their writing prowess in real-time while completing this interactive experience. Let's transform the conventional classroom setup into a lively and educational playground of words!

Grade: 9 - 12

Subject: Literacy, Writing


  • Students will enhance their understanding and application of literary devices such as alliteration, effective use of quotations, and interpretation of meanings through a competitive and interactive scavenger hunt.


  • Smartphones or tablets with the Goosechase app installed
  • Access to the internet
  • Writing notebooks or digital devices for note-taking
  • Pens or pencils


  • Create an Experience on the Goosechase app with a series of writing Missions. 
  • Find example Missions in the Goosechase Templates below.
  • Run your Experience during one class period or for the entire week.
  • Develop Missions that require students to demonstrate their understanding of writing skills you have taught.  Example Missions:
    • Photo Mission: “Find an example of alliteration in the school building. Capture the evidence!”
    • Video Mission: "Take a video of a team member correcting the errors in a sentence."
    • Text Mission: " Describe a famous author who has impacted your love for writing. What makes their writing style unique?”
  • Adapt the difficulty of the Missions based on the proficiency levels of your students to keep the activity inclusive and engaging for everyone.
  • Prepare hints or resources that might help students solve the Missions if needed.
  • Divide students into teams and assign each team a mobile device with the app, or have students complete the scavenger hunt individually.
  • App Set-Up 
    • Dedicate time to ensuring all students have the Goosechase app downloaded and joined to the Experience to avoid any tech issues.
    • Ensure all students understand how to use the app safely and responsibly.
Share this link with students to easily download the app!

Lesson Plan Outline:

  • Introduction 
    • Begin by explaining the objectives of the lesson
    • Review some of the skills you have taught throughout the writing unit
    • Briefly demonstrate how to use the Goosechase app.
    • Go over the rules and expectations for the scavenger hunt, including safety guidelines and respect for school property.
  • Goosechase Scavenger Hunt 
    • Read through Missions with students, emphasizing the importance of evidence and analysis in their responses.
    • Monitor team progress and provide assistance as necessary.
    • If working in teams, encourage them to strategize and collaborate to solve the Missions.
  • Debrief and Reflection 
    • Gather students together after the scavenger hunt to discuss their experiences. 
    • Ask students to reflect on how they worked as a team and what strategies helped them succeed.
    • Highlight creative or insightful submissions. Award bonus points to those teams or individuals (optional).
    • Ask students to reflect on what they learned about writing techniques and teamwork.

Optional Post-Experience Activities:

  • Homework Assignment
    • Assign students to write a one-page reflection on their experience in the scavenger hunt, focusing on their personal and team's creative process and the literary devices explored.
  • Presentations
    • Allow students or groups to present their most creative or insightful missions to the class. This can include a discussion on why they chose those particular moments or themes to highlight.
  • Written Reflection
    • Ask students to reflect on what they learned through this activity and how it deepened their understanding of the novel.

Ready Made Experience Templates to Try

Literary Components

Complete the Missions to review the required components of writing an effective essay. Designed for K-12 students.

Get your own copy!

Es"say" Does It - Essay Writing

Students are on a quest to write an essay for English class! While writing, points can be earned by completing a Mission for each of the major "building blocks" of the essay.

Get your own copy!

Personal Narrative Writing

Identify the traits and qualities of personal narrative writing. Remember to work together!

Get your own copy!

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Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher