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Lesson Title: Exploring Science Through a Museum Scavenger Hunt

K-12 Educators Apr 11, 2024

A field trip to a science center represents a unique and engaging opportunity to extend classroom learning into the real-world of science. This field trip lesson plan is designed to blend the traditional exploration of scientific exhibits with the innovative engagement of a Goosechase Interactive Experience. Students will gain further knowledge of concepts such as the human body, the principles of gravity, and the mysteries of outer space, all while applying critical thinking skills.

Through this experience, students are encouraged to actively engage with scientific principles, collaborate in teams, and apply their knowledge in creative ways. If you're wondering, "how do I ensure the field trip is educational?", give this a read.

This lesson plan can be customized to fit the age and interests of your students, as well as the specific exhibits available at the science center you are visiting. Enjoy your educational adventure!

Grade: 4 - 9

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)


  • Students will engage with interactive exhibits at the science center to deepen their understanding of scientific principles and ignite curiosity of the world around them. 
  • Students will utilize their critical thinking skills and apply scientific concepts to real-world situations.


  • Science center map and exhibit guide
  • Notebooks and pencils for observations
  • Assignment sheets (optional)
  • A mobile device with the Goosechase app downloaded

In-class Preparation:

  • Introduction to the Science Center
    • Briefly describe the science center and highlight the exhibits that will be visited. Use the center's website or brochures for visuals.
    • Ask students which science concepts they are most looking forward to learning about
  • Overview of the Activity:
    • Discuss the learning objectives for the visit. 
    • Introduce the science museum Goosechase Experience as a fun and interactive way to learn and explore.
  • Exhibit Research
    • Assign each student or group an exhibit to research before the visit. 
    • Ask them to brainstorm questions they have and will attempt to answer during their visit.
  • App Set-Up 
    • Dedicate time to ensuring all students have the Goosechase app downloaded and joined to the Experience to avoid any tech issues the morning of your Museum visit. 
Share this link with students to easily download the app!

Science Center Visit and Scavenger Hunt:

  • Upon Arrival at the Science Center: 
    • Gather students for a brief orientation. 
    • Review the day's schedule, map out the exhibits to visit, and discuss expected behavior.
    • Encourage students to ask questions to the staff and take advantage of any educational resources offered.
  • Exhibit Exploration
    • In groups, students explore assigned exhibits with Science Center staff or chaperones. 
    • Encourage them to take notes, ask questions, and interact with the exhibits.
  • Scavenger Hunt Exploration:
    • Allow students to explore the museum in small groups 
    • Encourage students to use their observation skills to find specific exhibits, answer questions, and complete tasks on the Goosechase mission list.
    • Emphasize the significance of teamwork and cooperation during the scavenger hunt.
    • Documentation of student observations are recorded within the Goosechase app and automatically saved to their camera roll.

Debrief & Reflection:

  • Allocate time for students to discuss their observations and findings with their peers or in a guided group discussion.
  • Have students complete a reflection worksheet that includes what they learned, their favorite part of the visit, and any questions they still have.

Optional activities upon return to the classroom:

1) Conclusion and Follow-Up:

  • Research Project & Presentation:
    • Assign students to further research a topic of interest they discovered during the visit and present their findings to the class.

2) Creative Project

  • Encourage students to create a project (e.g., a model, poster, or digital presentation) based on their visit to the science center.

3) Assessment:

  • Assess students on their participation and engagement during the visit, completion of any pre- or post-visit worksheets and the quality and creativity of the research project/presentation

Want a copy of this lesson plan to use with your class? Click to download!

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Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher