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Lesson Title: The Ultimate Physical Education Scavenger Hunt

K-12 Educators Apr 16, 2024

Keeping your Physical Education classes exciting and engaging can determine student participation. In this lesson, we’re leveraging technology and scavenger hunts to take traditional gym classes outside the confines of the gym walls (or bringing the excitement of the outdoors in), ensuring a memorable and impactful learning experience. This interactive experience is an innovative way to engage students in a competitive yet collaborative activity that promises not only to keep them moving but also to enhance their teamwork, problem-solving, and navigational skills. 

Designed to be adaptable for both indoor and outdoor environments, this lesson ensures that no matter the setting, your students can enjoy a physically active learning experience that encourages healthy competition and fosters a deepened understanding of physical education principles. Get ready to energize your students in a race that stretches their bodies and minds!

Grade: 4 - 9

Subject: Physical Education, Health & Wellness


  • Enhance teamwork and communication skills.
  • Promote physical activity in a fun and competitive manner.
  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Learn to navigate and understand the gym or outdoor environment more deeply.


  • Mobile devices with the Goosechase app downloaded (one per team).
  • List of missions (created beforehand in the Goosechase app)
  • Prizes for the winning team (optional).


  • Create an Experience on the Goosechase app with a series of physical education-related Missions. 
    • Mission ideas may include physical tasks, trivia questions, photo/video tasks related to physical education or health
    • If indoors, ensure the challenges are suitable for a gym setting. Use gym equipment, different sections of the gym, and indoor landmarks as part of the tasks.
    • If outdoors, take advantage of the natural terrain, outdoor sports fields, playground equipment, and exterior school landmarks for more dynamic challenges. 
  • Adapt the difficulty of the Missions based on the proficiency levels of your students to keep the activity inclusive and engaging for everyone.
  • App Set-Up 
    • Dedicate time to ensuring all students have the Goosechase app downloaded and joined to the Experience to avoid any tech issues.
    • Ensure all students understand how to use the app safely and responsibly.
Share this link with students to easily download the app!

Lesson Plan Outline:

  • Introduction 
    • Introduce the Goosechase Scavenger Hunt and its purpose. 
    • Explain that students will be working in teams (3-4 students per team) to complete various tasks around the gym or outdoor area to earn points.
    • Briefly demonstrate how to use the Goosechase app.
  • Mission Briefing
    • Go over the rules and expectations for the interactive experience, including safety guidelines and respect for school property. Make sure students understand they must stay within designated boundaries.
    • Explain how Missions are completed and submitted through the app.
    • Highlight the importance of teamwork and communication.
  • Warm-Up
    • Have students complete their usual Physical Education class warm up routine. Some options may include: 
      • Warm up game
      • A series of dynamic and static stretches 
      • Short jog
  • Goosechase Scavenger Hunt 
  • Cool Down
    • Guide students through a cool-down process with stretching focusing on major muscle groups.
  • Debrief and Reflection 
    • Gather students for a reflective discussion on what they learned, the challenges they faced, and how they worked together as a team. 
    • Highlight the importance of physical activity in daily life.
    • Ask students to reflect on how they worked as a team and what strategies helped them succeed.
  • Wrap-up 
    • Announce the winning team and distribute prizes if available.
    • Assign any follow-up activities, reflections, or homework tasks.


  • Assessment will be based on participation in the interactive experience, group discussions, and the quality of reflections.

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