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Lesson Title: Mastering Elementary-Level Math Concepts and Skills with a Scavenger Hunt

K-12 Educators Mar 14, 2024

Finding innovative and engaging methods to help your students grasp math concepts is something many teachers are always on the look for. This lesson plan introduces a unique approach to teaching elementary-level math through an interactive experience. By integrating technology with active learning, we want to foster a love for mathematics while enhancing critical thinking, teamwork, and practical application skills. Students will embark on a series of math scavenger hunt missions, solving problems collaboratively in a dynamic and interactive environment.

Grade: 3 - 6

Subject: Math


  • To reinforce math skills learned in class through interactive, problem-solving activities.
  • To enhance teamwork, critical thinking, and application of mathematical concepts in real-world scenarios.
  • Provide a structured yet flexible approach to integrating scavenger hunts into the math curriculum, offering a unique and engaging way to reinforce mathematical concepts.


  • Mobile devices with the Goosechase app installed (one per team).
  • List of math Missions (created beforehand in the Goosechase app).
  • Prizes for the winning team (optional).


  • Create an Experience on the Goosechase app with a series of math-related Missions. Each Mission should be designed to cover the curriculum expectations for topics you've already taught. 
  • Adapt the difficulty of the Missions based on the proficiency levels of your students to keep the activity inclusive and engaging for everyone.
  • Prepare hints or resources that might help students solve the Missions if needed.
  • App Set-Up 
    • Dedicate time to ensuring all students have the Goosechase app downloaded and joined to the Experience to avoid any tech issues.
    • Ensure all students understand how to use the app safely and responsibly.
Share this link with students to easily download the app!

Lesson Plan Outline:

  • Introduction 
    • Explain the objective of the Goosechase scavenger hunt and how it will help them apply their math skills.
    • Briefly demonstrate how to use the Goosechase app.
    • Divide students into teams and assign each team a mobile device with the app.
  • Mission Briefing
    • Go over the rules and expectations for the scavenger hunt, including safety guidelines and respect for school property.
    • Explain how Missions are completed and submitted through the app.
    • Highlight the importance of teamwork and communication.
  • Goosechase Scavenger Hunt 
    • Start the Experience through the Goosechase app, allowing teams to begin their Missions.
    • Monitor team progress and provide assistance as necessary.
    • Encourage teams to strategize and collaborate to solve the Missions.
  • Debrief and Reflection 
    • Gather students together after the scavenger hunt to discuss their experiences.
    • Highlight the math skills used to complete various Missions.
    • Ask students to reflect on how they worked as a team and what strategies helped them succeed.
  • Wrap-up 
    • Announce the winning team and distribute prizes if available.
    • Emphasize the importance of applying math skills in fun and practical ways.
    • Assign any follow-up activities or reflections for homework.


  • Assessment will be based on participation in the scavenger hunt, group discussions, and the quality of reflections.

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Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher