Introducing GooseChase EDU

K-12 Educators Aug 2, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new educational program — specifically designed for K-12 students and educators.

GooseChase makes it easy to get students (and staff!) up and out of their seats, learning with an interactive scavenger hunt. Over the past year we’ve been inspired by the amazing learning experiences educators like you have created with our platform and we’re excited to share how we’re making it even easier with GooseChase EDU.

Free Educator Accounts

With our new Educator Basic Plan you can run an unlimited number of team games with an unlimited number of class sections. No need to complete a request form or wait for approval from our team — simply sign up for free or convert your existing account.

A New Library of Ideas

We believe educators are some of our most creative users, but we also understand they’re some of the busiest. The GooseChase EDU Game Library provides a collection of games (designed by educators) for some of our most common use cases and grade levels — making it possible to get a game running in seconds (literally).

Game Sharing

Want to share an awesome GooseChase game with a colleague? It’s now as easy as sending a “secret link”! Anyone with the link can create a duplicate of your game and customize it to meet their needs. Learn more here.

Provide Submission Feedback

With our new notifications feature, you can provide feedback to participants in real time or after your game. Giving you the opportunity to communicate why a submission was deleted, how they can improve, or even just how great they’re doing!

We created GooseChase EDU to make our interactive scavenger hunt platform more accessible to educators — making it easier than ever to create active learning experiences. We know we’ve got lots more to do, but we hope you’ll join us as we continue to improve GooseChase EDU and ultimately, help get more students and staff up and out of their seats, actively learning.

All the best for the 2017/2018 school year,
Phil & The GooseChase Team

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Phil Everson

VP Education