Automate Game Management with Game Script

Feature Releases Dec 10, 2019

With the latest GooseChase update, it’s now possible for game organizers to schedule events that take place automatically during the course of their game!

What is Game Script

Game Script is a Game Manager feature that allows organizers to change the visibility and availability of missions by updating their mission states, or schedule pre-written messages to be sent to all participants at a certain time.

Game Script automations can trigger one of the following events:

  • Set a mission’s status to Available: The selected mission will automatically appear in the player’s mission list, and a notification will be sent to all players.

  • Set a mission’s status to Expired: The selected mission will automatically be closed so players can no longer complete it.

  • Send a message to all participants: A notification and pre-written message will be sent to all players.

Using Game Script

To utilize Game Script, you’ll need to create automations via the Game Manager, which can be done in one of two ways:

  • From the “Game Script” tab in the left hand menu of Game Manager.

  • From the Advanced Settings menu of each mission added to your mission list.

Complete instructions on setting up your automations can be found in this FAQ.

What can you do with Game Script?

With the right planning, Game Script can be utilised in many ways that can take a load off game organizers while their game is in progress. Here are a few examples of ways Game Script can be utilised to get you started!

Daily Missions - For multi-day conferences and events, game organizers can set up hidden missions in advance, then release them to participants as new missions specific to each day.

Time Sensitive Missions - For games involving time sensitive or temporary activities such as conference workshops, campus events, or onboarding activities, game organizers can expire missions that have ended without interrupting the game.

Tie Breakers - Keep your players engaged and aiming for a 1st place finish by setting up hidden missions in advance, then releasing them near the end of your game to amp up the competition.

Rallying Missions - Do you need to get all your players to head to a physical location at a certain time? Set up missions that incentivise players to be at specific places and release them when you need them there, such as gathering players together for a wrap-up celebration at the end of a game!

Are you ready to incorporate Game Script into your game? Check out our scavenger hunt ideas or FAQ for more resources to help you plan and organize your GooseChase!

What is GooseChase?

GooseChase is an online platform that helps organizers create and run digital scavenger hunt experiences for team building, learning, public engagement, or a variety of other events. Sign up and try creating a free recreational game, or contact us to learn more about our enterprise solutions!


Eric Chiang

Product Manager