How to Manage Mission States

Planning Tips May 27, 2019

With our latest update, it’s now possible for game organizers to hide or expire scavenger hunt missions in the Mission List!

How Do GooseChase Mission States Work?

With our new Mission States feature, missions will still be added as they have in the past, meaning by default they will appear in the list of available missions for game participants when the game is live. However, it’s now possible to customize the mission state! Missions can be “Hidden” - meaning participants will not be able to see the missions unless the game organizer sets them to “Available”. Or, game organizers can choose to set a mission to be “Expired”, meaning participants will be able to see the mission, but will no longer be able to complete it. Organizers can adjust mission states at any time before, during, or after a game.


How Can An Organizer Change GooseChase Mission States?

  1. Create a new mission or edit an existing mission from the “Missions” page of your game.
  2. Towards the bottom of the mission form, expand the “Advanced Settings” button.
  3. Edit the “Available” dropdown depending on whether you’d like the submission to be Available, Hidden or Expired.
  4. Save your mission.

Once saved, any mission where you’ve changed the Mission State will be labeled with the “Hidden” or “Expired” labels - like these missions:


As the game organizer monitoring the game from the online game manager, all missions will be visible in the Mission List regardless of the mission state.

As a participant playing the game, hidden missions will not be visible and expired missions will be marked as shown here:


Applications & Use Cases

Daily Missions - For multi-day conferences and events, game organizers can set up hidden missions in advance, then release them to participants as new missions each day.

Time Sensitive Missions - For games involving time sensitive activities such as conference workshops, campus events, or onboarding activities, game organizers can expire missions that have ended without interrupting the game.

Tie Breakers - Keep your players engaged and aiming for a 1st place finish by setting up hidden missions in advance, then releasing them near the end of your game to amp up the competition.

We hope this feature will be useful for your GooseChase games! Our FAQ contains even more helpful resources. We'd love to hear what you think - mention us on Twitter, Facebook, or shoot us an email at!

What is GooseChase?

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