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Creating an Event Landing Page for Your Game

Planning Tips Aug 19, 2019

If you’re an organizer planning a public-facing GooseChase game aimed at engaging with the general public, such as a fundraiser, a community event, or a brand marketing activation; you might want to consider creating a landing page on your website where details of the GooseChase can be found. In this blog post, we list the advantages of having a stand-alone GooseChase event landing page, what information should be included, and showcase some noteworthy examples from previous organizers.

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What is a GooseChase Event Landing Page?

A GooseChase event landing page is a dedicated web page created solely for the purpose for promoting and hosting details of an upcoming GooseChase game. This can be a new page on the organizer’s existing website, or even a completely new microsite outside of an organizer’s current web domain.

Why Should I Create an Event Landing Page for my GooseChase Game?

There are several reasons why a stand-alone event landing page can be a better promotional tool than print advertisements or facebook events alone:

  • If you are representing a company or organization, and are planning on using the GooseChase game as a public engagement event, having a dedicated landing page means that the rest of your website will likely benefit from the inbound traffic flow of users seeking info about the GooseChase game.

  • Facebook events and other similar social media/event apps limit the customizability of an event created on their platforms, and are designed to keep users from navigating off of them. Creating your own event landing page means you get full customization and control over your brand message.

  • If you will be seeking sponsors to contribute funding or prize support for the GooseChase game, a featured spot for their logo on your landing page (potentially with a link back to their domain) can be an attractive value-add in your pitch. Demonstrating that your organization is willing to put in the resources to create a custom event landing page lends credibility to your organization, and makes it all the more likely for other companies to commit their support. This also applies to local news media, radio networks, or event bloggers, who would be more willing to direct their viewers, listeners, and readers to an upcoming event that is featured on a well-crafted web page.

  • Having your event landing page act as the central point for information about your GooseChase game prevents miscommunication, or having to update multiple sources in case of last-minute changes or updates to the game details.

  • Having full creative control over your event landing page lets members of your team really flesh out the content and dress it up with promotional content; such as prizing details, venue photos, or event footage from previous years’ games.

What Information Should I Include on a GooseChase Event Landing Page?

We recommend GooseChase organizers use the following as a checklist of questions to answer somewhere on their event landing page:

  • When will the game take place?
  • Who can participate?
  • How do players join the game?
  • What level of athletic activity will the game require?
  • Are there prizes for winners?
  • If there are prizes being awarded, what are the terms and conditions?
  • If the game is open to the public, a link to the GooseChase download page along with your game join code.

GooseChase Event Landing Page Examples

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What is GooseChase?

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