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Virtual Scavenger Hunt Mission Ideas for Kids - Volume 2

K-12 Educators Jun 8, 2020

**While scavenger hunts are the most fun when played at a live social event, a little bit of creativity can help an educator or event planner create just as engaging of an experience through a virtual scavenger hunt. **

We bet your children are looking for a little fun these days! Try out a GooseChase Scavenger Hunt using these missions that were specifically designed to be fun and engaging for children. We welcome anyone to use these missions as inspiraction for their own virtual games!

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Indoor Virtual Mission Ideas for Kids - Volume 2

  • Abracadabra (Photo/Video) - Leanr, practice, and perform a magic trick! Take a video!

  • Family Love (Photo/Video) -Take a family photo together. Make sure you are in the photo! Bonus points if your pets are included in the photo.

  • Music Skills (Photo/Video) - Use household materials to make and play stringed, percussion, and wind instruments. Take a photo of your favourite.

  • Nutritiony Goodness (Photo) - We all want to eat healthy - show off your best nutritious creation with a quick recipe in the notes!

  • GooseChase Got Talent (Video) - Show off your amazing Vocal Talent by belting out your Favourite TV or Movie Theme Song.

  • Smell the Roses (Photo) - Go outside and look for some beautiful and colourful flowers! Take a picture of you smelling your favourite one.

  • Stayin' Active (Video) - We need to keep out bodies healthy and active! Pick your favourite exercise move and show it off for us in a short video!

  • Walking on Sunshine! (Photo) - Head outdoors and go for a walk around your neighbourhood. Take a photo of one of the highlights from your walk.

  • You're a Comedian (Video) - Learn, practice, and tell three new jokes. Take a video of one of your family member reacting to your joke!

  • Flex your Muscles! (Photo) - Take a photo of you holding something heavy above your head that you found inside your home or in your backyard!

  • Pack a Lunch! (Photo) - It's beautiful outside! Take your lunch outside, set up a blanket, and take a photo of your gorgeous picnic!

  • Surfin' in the USA! (Video) - Get creative and surf those waves! Use something in your house or outside as your surfboard.

  • Travellers Bug (Video) - Make a list of al the places your family has visited! Bonus points for designing a map!

  • Shhh! (Photo/Video) - Learn Morse Code and use it to communicate with your siblings or family members through the walls and floors! Take a video of you communicating!

  • STEM (Photo/Video) - Use everyday items or recycled materials to build a tower. Try to make it bigger than you!

Check out the GooseChase blog for additional event planning and scavenger hunt resources. If you're an organizer seeking a tried-and-true competitive activity to integrate into your next group outing, visit the GooseChase how-it-works page to learn more about the platform and trying creating your first game for free!

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Rebecca Everson

Goosechase EDU Ambassador Program Manager & K-6 Teacher