EDU Ambassador Highlight - Cindy Welch

Creator Stories Jul 20, 2020
Headshot of Cindy Welch

Introducing Cindy Welch! Cindy is an experienced teacher with 14 years of teaching under her belt! She has been teaching Chemistry at Kingwood High School in Houston!

Cindy first learned about GooseChase when she participated in a game during the first week back at school a few years ago. It was intended as a staff professional development activity, and soon after, Cindy implemented her very own GooseChase. We asked Cindy how she has been using GooseChase in her classroom.

“I was introduced to GooseChase through a staff scavenger hunt to start the year in 2018. I implemented my first GooseChase in class that year on atomic history, and then submitted that GooseChase to the library. The following school year, I had my students do that GooseChase again and made a new GooseChase over intermolecular forces. I also included GooseChase in a presentation at CAST 2020 (Texas Science Conference) and led a virtual GooseChase presentation for ACT2 (The Chemistry Teacher’s Association in Texas).”

We also asked Cindy to share some of her tips for educators who are just getting started!

“Try it! Find something that the students need practice with, try to come up with missions that go along with the objectives for that unit and give it a try. Have someone else (another teacher, an administrator) look over your missions to make sure they make sense and have them actually log in so you know if everything works (and how to run a game) before the students get started!”

Big thank you to Cindy for taking some time to give her insight into using GooseChase! Give Cindy a follow on Twitter to stay connected with her education endeavours,@welchchem!

What is GooseChase?

GooseChase is an online platform that helps educators create and run digital scavenger hunt learning experiences in their classroom and beyond. Sign up and try creating a game, or contact us to learn more about our school and district-wide solutions!


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