Case Study: PWC Canada

Case Studies Jul 24, 2018

Utilizing GooseChase as an Interactive Networking Tool

With over 110 years of demonstrated excellence, PwC Canada provides industry-focused professional services in areas such as cybersecurity, human resources, digital transformation, and forensics. In Canada, PwC has more than 6700 partners and staff in locations coast to coast, and help resolve complex issues and identify opportunities for public, private and government clients.


PwC was hosting a 700-person event and sought to include an entertaining activity that would give the experience a fresh vibe, utilize easy-to-use digital technology, and incentivize networking interactions without having to devote extra resources to arranging hotel agendas, maps, or other costly promotional materials.


From the start Alyshahn at GooseChase connected with me and walked through the scenarios regarding how to use GC in a corporate environment. He made some excellent suggestions and I think we actually used GC in some unique ways outside of the typical scavenger hunt senario.

The first GooseChase game ran over a 2-day learning event, and included missions that encouraged networking opportunities between the attendees. The game also provided an opportunity for the PwC team to retrieve feedback from guests with text-based missions that asked participants about their favorite sessions, or photo missions that had participants take a picture of their favorite brand icons. In order to draw more attention to the game, The organizing team displayed the GooseChase leaderboard in the main foyer. This display also provided the added benefit of ensuring that friendly competition was alive and well.

The next game was set up for the trade show booths. Ordinarily, the organizing team would have to push hard for guests to engage with exhibitors in their free time. The GooseChase game was used to encouraged interactions by including missions that asked participants to enter a code that can only be obtained from exhibitors, or with missions that can be completed by taking a photo at specific booths. As an added incentive, prizes were also awarded to participants who completed at least 50% of the missions.

The turn out was mind blowing given past experiences- around 90% of participants visited booths.

The final GooseChase game integrated PwC's Coaching and Feedback framework. The necessary coaching "tips" were included in GooseChase missions, and the missions served as an engaging medium to present the deliverables.


GooseChase was one of the best apps we have used at PwC Canada! All in all we are so happy with the GooseChase platform and the team behind it, especially Alyshahn who worked with several members of our team to get them up to speed, was very accommodating and quick to respond whenever we reached out. We plan to use GooseChase again and I have already started to recommend it to other firms we have relationships with.

The PwC organizing team appreciated being able to style their games with custom logos and branding, and also commented that many participants praised the platform for being extremely easy to download and use.

GooseChase would like to thank Carolyn Cardoza: Senior Manager, L&D Consulting & Deals at PwC Canada for providing this use-case testimonial, and look forward to continuing to assist the PwC Canada team in delivering interactive experiences at future engagements. Please visit the GooseChase Conference Solutions page to learn more about how you can integrate your own GooseChase game into your next conference. You can also read our other user case studies to learn about the numerous ways GooseChase can be utilized.

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Eric Chiang

Product Manager