Mini-scavenger hunts in your daily life.

A few days ago a couple friends from Canada arrived in Chile. To show them Santiago, I’ve been acting as a tour guide, albeit a very unknowledgable one. And while showing off the sights, we started to notice a few trends that happen quite frequently. In Chile in particular, public displays of affection and almost car accidents seem to happen all the time.

To make a game out of it, we started making guesses on how many of X we would see before we got to Y. Turns out, that’s a really fun game. After thinking about it later, it’s essentially a mini-scavenger hunt. Other than the fact that I clearly have a style of game that I like, I realized it can be played in other situations as well (e.g. commuting to work, walking to the store, etc). Sure it’s a little childish, but it adds a little excitement to your life - and who doesn’t like that?

So if you are feeling bored tomorrow on your way into work, try predicting how many people will get off at the next stop or how many people will cough before your connection. Maybe loop in someone else on the game and compete head to head. Either way, it spices up your life in a fun way and helps you be more aware of your surroundings. In my book, those are two pretty awesome improvements.