Peer photo review in scavenger hunts

Talk to any scavenger hunt organizer and they’ll tell you that the worst part, by far, is evaluating and scoring the photos at the end. Technology has helped a lot, but the photo review process is still very tedious.

When we ran through our platform a few months ago to figure out what was working and what wasn’t, we knew we could make this process a lot better. After testing out a few different ideas, we realized that peer photo review was the perfect solution.

At its core, since photos are already being reviewed on the photo feed throughout the game, why should the organizer have to review them all again at the end? Why not harness the peer review that’s already happening and use it to highlight the pics that might not be good enough?

With GooseChase 2.0, each photo now has an up and down arrow next to it on the photo feed. If there’s a great picture, participants can give it a congratulatory upvote. But if a photo clearly doesn’t cut it, participants can give it a downvote and flag it for review. Not only does it make the game more interactive for the participants, but the tedious photo review work is substantially reduced!

As an administrator, you’ll still need to make sure that the photos flagged are actually weak (there’s an area in our web interface that shows flagged photos), but instead of having to go through hundreds of photos, now you’ll only have to go through a handful. That’s a huge time-saver for you and is one of the features I’m most excited about in GooseChase 2.0.

We are still tweaking the algorithms on upvotes/downvotes to get it just right, but it’s there for you to play around with. We think that this is a big step forward on our path of making scavenger hunts easier to run and hope you like it!

If you have any feedback on the peer-review system, we’d love to hear it! Just drop us a line at

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